How to Make Social Media Monitoring Work

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Like most people, you probably use social networks every day. But are you monitoring your social media activity? If not, you should be! Social media monitoring is tracking and analyzing social media posts and conversations. It’s a great way to track what people say about your brand, measure customer sentiment, and find new sales leads via social media monitoring tools.

What is Social Monitoring?

Social monitoring is tracking and analyzing social media posts and conversations. Business people may do that manually or with the help of social media analysis tools. Materials from social networks demonstrate how many people know your brand, what the products’ performance is, etc.

That is essential for businesses since social monitoring allows you:

  • to track what people say about your brand;
  • measure customer sentiment;
  • find new sales leads.

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How to Make the Most of Monitoring of Social Media?

Monitoring your brand on social media is keeping an eye on certain hashtags, phrases, and mentions related to your business in order to maintain awareness of your target demographic and field.
You are doing research that is quantitative (in the form of metrics and analytics) as well as qualitative since you are monitoring this data (inspiration for posts and strategies). You will get data that may assist you in determining a variety of factors, including social share of voice, social sentiment analysis, social return on investment, and relevant hashtags and keywords (i.e., which Instagram hashtags or YouTube keywords you might want to use in the future to expand your reach).

There are a lot of social media monitoring tools out there, but which one is right for you? Here’s a quick guide to making the maximum clear:

Track Brand Mentioning

Social listening tools are necessary. Sure, you might go for ordinary things. Yet, Google’s free social media monitoring software might become insufficient. So, when your brand becomes recognizable, you need an app/program that is a finer google alerts alternative. There are various options to analyze, and some of them are affordable! You might even find a free social media tracking tool that will serve alright.

Analyze Hashtags and Conversations


You should also see how people use hashtags and what they talk about. Are they happy or unhappy with your brand? Do they use certain keywords when talking about you? That will give you valuable insights into how you can improve your social media presence.

Of course, that means obtaining hashtag analytics software. Afresh, that might cost you a fortune or function free of charge. So, it is advisable to learn about as many options as you find in the vastness of the Internet.

Get Alerted when Someone Talks About Your Business Project

It’s important to be in the loop and alert when someone talks about your business project. You can jump in on the conversation and offer help or thank them for their positive review. That also demonstrates your attentiveness to actual and potential clients/customers!

Find Influencers to Boost Your Business Representativeness

The monitoring of social media will help you find people who might have an interest in what you do. You can identify and target influencers to help you boost your business representativeness! Of course, the more influencers want your brand, the better.


React to Negative Feedback Momentarily

No one is 100% perfect, and that includes businesses. It’s essential to have a social media analysis tool so you can quickly react to criticism. It is also advisable to never neglect even the most audacious comments. Alas, people can be mean and might treat goods/service providers as unworthy of respect. While that is unpleasant, you still must be urbane and complaisant. And the faster you demonstrate your perfect manners, the better. Monitoring of social media will not let you miss such a chance!

Observe Your Competitors

You should also use social media tracking to spy (kindly) on your competitors. See what they’re doing right and wrong. You can learn from their mistakes and be one step ahead of them!

Boost Decision-Making with Insights

Making business decisions can be tough. But social media monitoring can help you by giving you valuable insights. You can use those insights to make more informed decisions about your marketing and other important aspects.

Gain Materials to Meditate on when You Evaluate Your Business’s Success

Social media tracking tools can systematize many information pieces. That analytical material is vital for revisions of your actions and plans. You will gather it while monitoring social media and use it to improve your business strategy!

Can Social Media Tracking Software Replace Humans?

The answer is ten times negative. Yet, social network monitoring programs can help you save time and money. Social media monitoring tools can make your life easier by automating some tasks and giving you valuable insights. Still, you will have to deal with many tasks alone (or share them with your business co-creators).

Free Social Network Monitoring Tools VS Paid: Which is the Choice?

Once you understand how social media tracking works and what it can give you, it is time to decide. We must highlight that paid tools usually offer more features, but that doesn’t mean they are better. Moreover, your business might not need so many social media monitoring tool features. Yet, remember that some programs perform poorly if you have yet to pay for them.

Starting your business journey with free tools is advisable. You will have an opportunity to buy an expensive program later! First, get used to basic features and understand the principles.

Final Words

As you can see, social media tracking is a valuable tool for any business. It can help you track brand mentions, analyze hashtags and conversations, and alert you when someone talks about your business. Of course, the feature set varies depending on what program becomes a part of your business toolkit.

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