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Helpful Tips To Become An Ethical Hacker

Hello dear readers, today we will talk about a very useful and functional topic with you. You’ve probably heard the word “ethical hacker” quite often lately and wondered what it is. In this article, we will share the necessary tips to become a Certified ethical hacker as well as the information that will satisfy your curiosity. We are sure that anyone interested in the ethical hacking approach will enjoy reading this article.

It is an undeniable fact that the Internet and technology act as a building block in every aspect of life today. Technology and the internet make our lives easier in all areas. With these developments, network security problems have also emerged, and the concept of ethical hacker has come to the fore against this problem, which sometimes creates big problems.

As the problem of network security grew, companies in particular started working with ethical hacker to protect their data. The main task of an ethical hacker is to control system security. Ethical hackers, who measure the security level of the system by trying to bypass the system firewall, find solutions to the vulnerabilities they find and ensure that the system security is at the highest level. In short, the Certified ethical hacker task is to control system security.

Someone who wants to be a certified ethical hacker must have the knowledge and equipment to predict the type of attack on the system. He should know everything he needs to know about network and system requirements. The better Ethical hacker know about the system, the better the defense will be.

There are many types of hackers within the ethical hacking approach;

  • Licensed penetration tester:

As we mentioned above, the job of hackers is to search for vulnerabilities in networks. Licensed penetration tester also performs fake attacks that will detect vulnerabilities in networks. The most important factor to ensure the security of the network is to know the vulnerabilities of the network. Therefore, the task of the Licensed penetration tester is very important and is a building block.

  • Cyberwarrior:

The area that comes to everyone’s mind in the ethical hacking approach is cyber warriors. The task of cyber warriors is to systematically attack the networks of a group, country or institution, causing the network to collapse. Whether this type is ethical or not is debatable from person to person, but it is an area that requires a lot of knowledge and skill. Since the cyber warrior can predict the vulnerabilities of the system, she can develop a very good defense strategy.

  • Black Box Penetration testers:

It is the type of ethical hackers most sought by companies and institutions that want to ensure data security. By entering the system, it allows itself to be attacked, so it detects the vulnerabilities of the system. By acting as a malicious hacker tried to enter the system before the attack, it tries to find all the weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the system and try to find solutions to them.

  • Hacktivists:

Hacktivists, as the name suggests, try to break the firewall of their targets by organizing attacks against a certain idea, thought and ideology. Usually their aim is to protest the ideas they oppose by leaving a message on the systems they enter.

  • White box penetration testers:

As we mentioned at the beginning, the most important step in ensuring system security in ethical hacking approach is to measure how strong the system is in case of bad attacks on the system by staging fake attacks. The task of White box penetration testers is to check the vulnerabilities of the system, just like Black box penetration testers. The only difference between Black box and White box is that white box has full access to information.

Tips for those who want to become a paid ethical hacker:

Those who want to be among the ethical hacker, which is a much needed field today, should carefully examine the tips necessary to become a certified ethical hacker.

  • Find a quality educational institution:

As in every field, it is necessary to get a good education in order to be successful in the field of ethical hacking. Having a good knowledge of computer networks, system defense and malicious attacks will make you a successful ethical hacker. All the information you need in a good institution.

  • Measure your skills:

We have just mentioned that a good educational institution will be successful. But before you start looking for an educational institution, evaluate yourself by measuring your own knowledge and skills. Identify your shortcomings and try to fix them.

  • Increase your knowledge:

If you are someone who wants to be among the Ethical hackers, it is useful to know everything in this field. Knowing the links between networks, trojans, mass phishing, and hacking of all kinds will make you a successful ethical hacker. In addition, malicious attacks you will encounter will increase your experience.

  • Get a certificate:

You must have a license to legally use your knowledge and skills. At the same time, with the license you will receive, you can be among the ethical hackers working in many companies and institutions. Therefore, as soon as you think you have enough knowledge and equipment, you should go and get a license.

How to get ethical hacker certificate:

Ethical hackers must obtain approval from the EC, the ethical hacker education board, to obtain their certification. Ethical hacker candidates who develop their knowledge and skills and then attend a course and successfully complete the course are put through an exam by the EC council to obtain their certificates. Candidates are entitled to receive their certificates when they achieve at least 70% success rate in this exam. A person who has not taken the necessary courses for ethical hacking from an educational institution but still wants to get an Ethical hacker certificate can also get a certificate, but he must have worked for 2 years to prove the reliability of his knowledge and skills in this field. The certificate also complies with legal regulations.

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