Growth Hacker |15 Key Rules for Growth Hacking

15 Key Rules For Growth Hacker

Growth hacking is a relatively new concept in marketing. First, let’s understand who is a growth hacker before going through the rules. Why growth hacker should think more than conventional marketer? Why growth hackers are unethical?

Who is a Growth Hacker?

Who is a growth hacker? A growth hacker can be defined as a critical thinker. He considers the user confinement beforehand the product is available in the market.

So what is the difference between a growth hacker and a conventional marketer? The term “Growth hacking” is created by Sean Ellis. A growth hacker should create original ideas to carry out a certain low budget task in online marketing. In this way, more customers will be received without wasting money on traditional media channels.

Then why should he/she be considered unethical? The answer to this question is that the growth should only think about the product growth and not worry about whether his idea is ethical or not.

Properties That Every Growth Hacker Need to Consider

  1. Be familiar with big data: to have a growth hacking plan, you must be familiar with existing data.
  2. Avoid too much data-driven decision: even though a growth hacker must make decisions based on the data, complete dependence on data is not preferred. Take decisions based on cases.
  3. Think like a customer: Know or at least assume the possible intention of the customer.
  4. Have analytical skills: You should be able to ask questions about the product, build a hypothesis followed by analyzing the product and making a final decision.
  5. Achieve different backgrounds to become a great growth hacker: Possessing a variety of skills of coding/engineering and marketing will contribute a lot during the process.
  6. Have a great imagination: You should be familiar with developing new ideas and working on modifications to accomplish the expected result.
  7. Bring an extraordinary difference to the online market: Provide an increasing graph to the trend in a fast way.
  8. Have an entrepreneurial mentality: work like you actually own this product.

15 Key Rules for Growth Hacking

​1. Examine your product well

You must examine your products and services in terms of design, structure, content, and engineering. Make sure you have the answers to these 5 questions;

  • Are you able to think from the end-user perspective?
  • Will the product/service solve any existing problem​?
  • How original is it?
  • How good is the product performing in the market?
  • What can be done to disorganize the trend?

​2. Get an actionable goal

Before starting to solve the problem, you should know what you want to accomplish and be neat about the way you do this.

Dos and Don’ts​​

  • Be familiar with the analytics before setting up a goal.
  • Keep on tracking as there may be a reason that goals fail.
  • Don’t pick big goals.
  • Don’t set too many goals as it will make it hard to accomplish even small ones.

3. Plan A or Plan B

Checking your ideas whether they are working or not is more vital than consistently coming up with new ideas. To have a successful experiment, data analytics, behavioral psychology, design, and user experience are significant as well.

A/B Testing means comparing the A&B versions from the user’s perspective, followed by settling on the version which works better. A/B Testing also includes checking the effect of your heading, button colors, E-mail subject, landing pages, pricing structures on your website, or free promotions.

4. Title, Timing, and Execution

Growth Hacker should think about a catchy title that makes people wonder and click. Also, consider the time of submission, as well as promoting it on the correct platforms.

5. Work on user retention

Users are always thrilled about every product/service that they would like to try. You have to accommodate your product as per the market so as to retain the users. Then you can think about obtaining new users.

6. Be a good copywriter to become a successful Growth Hacker

Copywriting skill is an additional benefit for a Growth Hacker. Generate something that makes people feel eager to click and read the content.

7. Think beyond the trend limits

Growth Hackers should not follow the trend. People who come up with new trends bring fabulous outcomes through their ideas.

How To Become Growth Hacker

8. ​Try to use the right tool

As a Growth Hacker make use of the correct tool that leads you to achieve your goal. Topsy is a useful tool that allows you to analyze what people tweet most, what type of content that people seem to share, and to gather influencers list to follow.

​9. Be Sensitive

You should be cautious when considering small details about your product or service. Never underestimate the small things, the devil is in the detail.

10. Search potential lift through analytics

Analytics is the guide that provides Growth Hacker with valuable data. Without them, the growth rate does not have a meaning. Monitoring the data and looking for potential opportunities allows you to have a growth path in your product/service. Sniply is a useful tool in growth hacking strategy, which attaches a call-to-action to every link you share on the web.

11. Communicate with people

It is significant to gather the data generated at different levels of organizational hierarchy in order to allow to make a decision.

12. If necessary, redefine the product/service and redefine the distribution

Along with the product, redefine the distribution strategy. A growth hacker analyzes how long your product will fit customers’ needs and any plans to redefine it so that the customers will be kept on board. Not surprisingly, the product and services need constant upgrading on time.

13. Compare performance, refine and repeat

Growth Hacker should take actions depending on results. Thus, keep testing continuously with a good pace in your strategy and distribution methods. Then repeat the process to achieve your goals if there is a need.

14. ​Networking is significant

While you are building the product commence networking with corresponding people and online communities. Thus, these people can provide feedback, suggestions, which in turn will be effective in promoting your product. You should not only focus on promoting your product or service but also help the community by possessing a large networking size and high networking credibility. As a Growth Hacker, you have to attend in conversations, clarify the doubts in your peers’ minds, and counsel people who need your help.

15. As a Growth Hacker, don’t be dependent on your strategy; change it with time

Do not hold on to a predetermined pattern. Trends change and improve with time, so act accordingly; Growth Hacker needs to keep himself up-to-date.

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