Ethical Issues and Values for Students Want to Have a Good Job

Ethical Issues And Values Should Be Considered By Students Want To Have A Good Job-Min

Students who want to land a great job will need to learn all about ethics and how ethical issues pertain to current issues of debate. Gene editing is something that is a topic of great debate. With many parents wanting to create a designer baby, there are multiple ethical concerns. This technology and process is becoming more accessible. Though it still faces many uphill battles. For those who want to have the perfect child, much research is being conducted on the safety and effectiveness of this process. Here, we discuss various ethical problems that surround altering genetics.

Understanding Gene Editing,

As a student, you may have courses in science that involve altering genes and creating original properties. You may also have a legal course regarding ethics and values. During the course of your education, academic essays will be required on the subject of ethics too. If you are faced with the task of wiring an essay on this topic and are having problems, you can get help. To get ideas, the Babies Documentary is full of information. You can write your Babies (documentary) essays that will cover this topic and argue ethical issues. There also are many free essay samples. With them, students can collect data and research to create a paper that will address these important issues.

It is important to have an understanding of how gene editing works to make a valid argument in any ethics paper. Many different methods are being used today, including the CRISPR-Cas9 system. So, this stands for clustered regulatory interspaced short palindromic repeats, which explains how it works. This system thoroughly analyzes DNA parts until it locates a part that is identical to what is wanted. This process can be covered in your college essay to introduce ethical concerns. But the entire process changes an original sequence to alter the key properties of an embryo.

Ethical Dilemmas and Ethical Issues

There are many problems that surround the creation of the perfect baby by altering sequences and choosing certain traits. During your coursework, you will have to argue the pros and cons and determine whether this process is ethical. Here, we discuss some of the major dilemmas that are being argued. There is also information that can be found in the Babies Documentary that can support your arguments when completing a university essay.

If this medical process were to be perfected and available, it would allow parents to choose the exact makeup of a baby. So, they could select hair and eye color, body type, creativity levels, athleticism, ensure health issues are avoided, and more. Having the ability to alter what would be present naturally raises many societal concerns.

Ethical Issues And Values Should Be Considered By Students Want To Have A Good Job-Ethics-Designer Baby

Is it Consensual?

One of the main ethical dilemmas surrounding altering embryos to create a designer baby is that the embryo does not have any ability to consent. Yet, based on laws, one must be conscious of giving any form of consent. The question is, if an embryo cannot do this, is the process of altering the genetic code ethical? Many argue that this form of genetic engineering is for the good of the baby. It allows diseases to disappear and provides babies with a healthy baseline regardless of ethical issues.

Is it a Fair Process?: Ethical Issues

By being able to create a designer baby, which will become the perfect child, we have to address the fairness of modifying humans. If this becomes an acceptable thing in society, children will excel in academics, sports, creative thinking, and more. This would not be due to simply being born that way but being created. The edge will provide certain children with opportunities that others would not have. In the long run, society would frown upon those that have not been genetically different.

However, being able to create a perfect child would cause a massive gap in society between the ideal and non-ideal humans. Those that have the financial backing to afford the process will remain at the top of their social ladder, and their children will have a clear advantage over others. Those less fortunate would not be able to afford any such enhancements. Their children would remain normally created and would still be at the bottom of the social chain. With such a possible gap in social standings, one may argue that any form of genetic alteration to create a perfect child is 100% unethical.

Safety Concerns

The reason that developing a designer baby has not gone mainstream is due to safety concerns and ethical issues. Some alterations may not go as hoped, leaving a child with unwanted traits that could affect the rest of their life. There is a great chance that there will be mistakes and mishaps when an embryo is being edited. It is doubtful that 100% accuracy could ever be achieved. Unwanted characteristics or traits could lead to cruel properties or even a child suffering from abuse as they grow older.

It is hard to argue against this point. Even though the technology is always advancing, there are always mistakes in the medical field. It is hard to say whether this process of altering an organism would ever be completely effective. Many common medical procedures that are operational today are not 100% effective or accurate and are always being improved.

Conclusion on Ethical Issues On the Way

Therefore, addressing the ethical concerns of designer babies is something that many in school will hear about. Because it is a subject that has become quite popular in science and medicine. At a university level, you need to complete a lesson by writing an essay arguing pros and cons of this type of gene alteration. No matter what subject you are studying, ethics and values will play a key role. With these listed ethical concerns, you can create an argumentative essay that addresses the multiple ethical concerns around modifying a human embryo.

While the process is not available and may never become legal, it is something that is open to discussion. And it is a subject that deserves attention. As a student, you can address these concerns and provide research and data from documentaries and studies to back your standpoint.

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