Improve Efficiency as a Construction Manager | Top 6 Tips

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Effective management is essential for any successful project. In the construction industry, proper work flow is key for ensuring that projects are completed on time and within budget. Construction managers are always looking for ways to improve efficiency in construction … Read more

Ensure OSHA Standards Are Followed in 5 Steps

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There is a lot of activity at a bustling construction site. The construction manager has many things to keep track of work quality, schedules, supplies, and labor, to name a few. Worker safety should also be on the list of … Read more

Construction Skills to Get a Construction Job


If you’ve got the necessary expertise, then you might find yourself able to contribute to a construction site. And you will able to be paid handsomely for it. But your construction skills at your trade isn’t the only thing that’ll … Read more

Health and Safety: The Principles of Prevention

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Health and safety has received much negative press over the years, having come to represent the perils of over-legislation in many areas. However, health and safety is an unsung hero when it comes to worker’s rights, being vital legislation to … Read more

Concrete Products For Good Infrastructure: Top 10 – projectcubicle

10 Concrete Products For Building Good Infrastructure slabs-min

10 Concrete Products For Building Good Infrastructure Concrete products are one of the most essential items one will need to use for construction purposes. In order to have a good infrastructure, workers need concrete slabs and other concrete items to … Read more

10 Rules for Subcontractor Management

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Subcontractors are an essential component of many projects. A failure of one subcontractor can lead to an unsuccessful project. These problems include inferior quality, missing milestones, poor safety practices including accidents, bad behavior, and more. The contractor’s project manager is … Read more

Construction Contract Agreement & Types of Contracts

Construction Contract Agreement & Ways of Contracting

A construction contract agreement is an agreement between the owner and the contractor that determines the terms and conditions for construction works. It specifies the provisions and demonstrates what work needs to be done and which parties will participate in … Read more