Product Life Cycle and Project Life Cycle

Product Life Cycle And Project Life Cycle Phases Infographic

Why does a project manager need to understand both the project life cycle and the product life cycle? Because Project Life Cycle vs Product Life Cycle is a significant topic that every project manager must know. Although they sound quite … Read more

Portfolio Management, Program and Project Management

Project Management Program Management Portfolio Management Infographic

Project Management, Program Management, and Portfolio Management are very important terms in project scope management. Although they sound similar, they refer to different concepts. Many PMP aspirants don’t know the differences between them. Knowing these concepts and understanding their differences … Read more

Project Selection Methods for Decision Making

Qualitative Quantitative Project Selection Methods &Amp; Non Financial Criteria For Project Selection

The success of organizations is dependent on the profitability of projects that they select. Once an opportunity has appeared for a project, there are several reasons that need to be analyzed before an organization decides to take it up. Project … Read more

Scope Creep and Gold Plating in Project Management

Scope Creep And Gold Plating -Scope Creep Vs Gold Plating Examples

Every project has a budget, an expected finish date, deliverables, and risks. Agreed requirements and tasks create the scope of the project. Variations in the scope may cause problems such as delays, budget overruns and another kind of risks. Scope … Read more

Work Breakdown Structure Example | What is WBS?

Work Breakdown Structure

How to Create a Work Breakdown Structure? The concept, Work Breakdown Structure is widely used by professionals to represent the project’s scope and deliverables in a hierarchical way. Typically, creating a WBS is one of the first steps in project … Read more

Earned Value Management System and Formulas

Earned Value Management , Planned Value, Actual Cost

In this tutorial, we will discuss the three metrics (Planned Value, Actual Cost and EV) of Earned Value Analysis in detail and analyze an illustrated example for better understanding. Basically, Earned Value Management (EVM) is a project management technique for … Read more

Comprehensive Earned Value Management Examples and Solutions

Earned Value Management Example &Amp; Tutorial Infographic

A week ago, we received an inquiry from a reader regarding resources for Earned Value Management Example and solution. Earned Value Analysis (EVA) is a robust technique for understanding and managing project performance efficiently. Organizations across all the industries use … Read more