Software Defined Storage: Upsides and Downsides – projectcubicle

The Possible Upsides and Downsides of Software Defined Storage There is no such thing as perfection. If something gives you long-lasting benefits, then there are high chances that it will also have some downsides. The downsides might be minor and not noticeable, but they are present there. Just like that,  SDS software-defined storage also has … Read more

Clothing eCommerce Store Optimization: 5 Tips – projectcubicle

Top 5 Tips to Optimize Your International Clothing eCommerce Store eCommerce clothing store market is, according to Statista, one of the largest B2C eCommerce market elements. It expanded over the years, especially in the past few years when online shopping has grown rapidly. In 2020, the global size was about $752.5 billion, and in 2025 … Read more

How Bitcoin Code App Can Simplify Cryptocurrency Trading – projectcubicle

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How the Bitcoin Code App Can Simplify Your Cryptocurrency Trading Cryptocurrency trading can be exciting, but it can also be complicated and risky. That’s why so many people are now turning to the Bitcoin Code App. It simplifies the entire cryptocurrency trading process through its automated software that has already been proven to work. Using … Read more

Automated Testing Tracking with Test Automation – projectcubicle

How to track your automated testing efforts with Test Automation Reporting Pitfalls and imperative features of testing platforms.-min

How to Track Your Automated Testing Efforts with Test Automation Reporting? Pitfalls and imperative features of testing platforms. You’ve invested quite a lot of resources into your test automation in order to accelerate repetitive, time-consuming manual processes. You’ve selected tools, defined the frameworks, set up the infrastructure, built automated scripts. Furthermore, in the future, you … Read more

Payroll Taxes: 7 Software Solutions To Manage – projectcubicle

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7 Software Solutions To Consider For Payroll Taxes Miscalculations or failure to pay employment tax are costly. The IRS charges 2% for up to 5 late calendar days, increasing to 15% for payments made after the first notification letter. There are also interest payments on penalties, varying on when settlement occurs. Payroll software is the … Read more

Mobile Development Services and App Development Process – projectcubicle

Mobile Development Services Their Types and A Mobile App Development Process-min

Mobile Development Services: Their Types and A Mobile App Development Process It is estimated that the number of smartphone users will be up to 7.5 billion by the year 2026, which once again shows how much of a lucrative venue mobile app development is. If you want to stay ahead of the competition and find your … Read more

When To Replace Old Business Software – projectcubicle

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When To Replace Old Business Software Many of us cling to old software out of familiarity. Migrating to new system may seem like a hassle. However, there are times when it can be necessary for the continued success of your business. Below are just a few signs that it could be time to replace your … Read more

Why Need Company Project Management Software? – projectcubicle

Why Does Your Company Need A Project Management Software

Why Need A Company Project Management Software? Projects fail, and this is the crudest of realities. According to an estimation, 60% of the project failure is attributed to insufficient resources, missing deadlines, and lack of expertise and management. Project Management is a multifaceted, multilayered concept and is steeped in complexity. While Project Control solutions help … Read more

What Is a DRM Software? – projectcubicle


What Is a DRM Software? A DRM software is a program that restricts the use of digital content. This type of software is commonly protect copyrighted material from illegal use. DRM software can also be used to restrict access to certain files or websites. The use of technology to regulate and manage access to content … Read more

Magic Quadrant Guide for CRM Software – projectcubicle

Customer relationship management (CRM)

A Guide to Magic Quadrant for CRM Software Customer relationship management (CRM) is a process used by businesses to manage and track customer interactions and data. The goal of CRM is to improve customer relationships by providing businesses with the tools to better understand customer needs and preferences and to improve customer service. To achieve … Read more