Project Initiation Document – What is a PID ?

Project Initiation Document – What is a Project Initiation document vs project charter

If you are preparing for the PRICE2 exam, most probably you have heard the project initiation document. Because it is a PRICE2 concept. In short, a project initiation document (PID) includes essential project information such as scope, success criteria, and … Read more

PMP Exam Questions and Answers (Sample Questions)

Formula Based, Knowledge based Situational and Interpretational Sample PMP Exam questions and answers

The PMP (Project Management Professional) is an internationally recognized certification and the PMP Exam is conducted by the PMI (Project Management Institute). The exam includes multiple-choice questions that test the professional’s knowledge and experience on the project management processes and … Read more

Difference Between Project Proposal and Project Charter

project proposal vs project charter

Project Proposal and Project Charter are two different documents and their purposes are different as well. Both proposal and charter are crucial project documents that outline very different concepts within a project. However, many PMP aspirants mix up them because … Read more

PMP Certification (Project Management Professional)

Benefits of PMP Certification (Project Management Professional) PMP

If you are working in the field of project management, most probably you know the importance of having PMP certification which is administered by the Project Management Institute (PMI). In the simplest terms, it is a professional certification that validates … Read more

How to Become a PMP (Project Management Professional)

Become a Project Management Professional (PMP), online course, pmp certification cost

When you decide to become a Project Management Professional, the first thing to know is how to become a PMP. People often say the following words: You need to attend a pmp certification online course, you need to read the pmp … Read more