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6 Trending Training Tips for 2022-min

6 Trending Training Tips

Education is a fast-paced industry that is growing and changing. The growth of the sector allows teachers to impact knowledge using various methods. Advancement in technology and cognitive psychology drives growth in this industry. Many of these tools and approaches share a common goal. That is, to develop more intuitive, independent students. This article will describe some of these critical trends in training that K-12 teachers should look out for and best of trending training tips in 2022. But first, how can teachers cope with these new trends?

The answer is professional development through graduate credit courses

What are Graduate Credit Courses?

Graduate courses are courses that teachers can take after graduation for personal development.

Generally speaking, these courses are for personal and professional development. Also, teachers need these courses to get their license and get salary advancement.

Graduate courses come in different types. But the state determines the ones that count towards personal development. The goal of all the courses is to help teachers learn the best and most effective teaching practices.

To access these courses, Teachers must do the following:

  • Take graduate-level courses at a university or through a university-affiliated program, or
  • Take classes through the school district or other third-party providers.

There are several schools online that offer graduate credits for teachers. These self-advancement courses usually range from 1 to 3 credit courses. They are self-paced online courses so that you can take them at your convenience. 

These courses offer valuable information on topics like, but not limited to:

  • Effective teaching practices
  • Use of classroom technology for effective teaching and learning
  • Tools for improving student engagement 
  • How to improve student’s learning and retention 
  • Effective communication for teachers

Trending Training Tips

The following are some trending tips that you can use to train pupils in 2022. 

1. Media Literacy

Students see different media influences on television, social media, etc. every day. Teachers have a role in teaching students how to interpret these materials.

Media literacy is crucial as it can help students develop critical thinking skills.

It can also help them recognize bias in their current interests. Among the activities you can try in your classroom are:

  • Create a Cereal Brand 

You can ask students to create a cereal brand of their own. That is, they design the cereal pack and make convincing adverts to boost sales of their cereals. This activity requires students to use math, art, and media literacy skills. You can also provide students with a list of questions to help them learn more.

  • Explain Advertisement Terms 

You can investigate the claims made by businesses in their advertising. And then, distribute magazines and online advertisements for students to examine and analyze.

  • Logo Analysis 

Bring in a few different logos from popular brands and ask students to interpret them. What kind of customer does the company want? What do they hold dear? Why did they choose that particular color or shape?

2. Take Learning Beyond the Classroom Walls

Teachers can improve students’ learning by taking lessons to new and exciting locations. Learning outside of the classroom is beneficial. Studies and trending training tips show that learning outside of the classroom can improve students’ development.

The development can either be personal, social, or emotional. 

This is why there has been a shift toward educational travel programs in the last decade. That is because travel programs reinforce students’ existing knowledge. 

With the advancement in technology, students do not have to take these trips. Teachers can use virtual reality tools to explore places with their students right in the classroom. 

3. Gamification in Learning

Gamification is becoming a popular way to inject more fun and play into complex subjects. The undeniable truth is that children enjoy playing games. Instead of trying to veer them away from playing, use it as an effective tool for teaching.  

As an educator, you need to ask important questions before you start gamification:

  • What do your students enjoy? 
  • What are their educational requirements? 
  • Is there anything that stands out in their behavior? 

Other suggestions that would help you is to focus on structure problems.

  • Structure problems. Gamification works best when there are clear rules and expectations in place.
  • Make sure progress is visible. Students may become frustrated if they can’t see their progress.
  • Make a manual. Create a student resource that explains the games, rules, and scoring system.

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4. Peer Education Among Trending Training Tips

Since the 18th century, expert educators have emphasized the benefits of peer teaching. It’s one of many teaching strategies that helps children develop critical thinking skills. 

Peer education also improves self-esteem and interpersonal skills.

It can be challenging to bring it into the classroom. That’s because students have different skill levels. Also, some students are hesitant to teach their peers. It might also lead to confidentiality issues with struggling pupils.

But then, when you do it well, it has lots of benefits. That said, the following are some best practices tips for peer teaching:, 

  • Teach students how to provide proper feedback
  • Providing written prompts to guide discussion
  • Hold class-wide peer editing sessions

5. Project-Based Learning

Another major trend that is making its way into classrooms is project-based learning. This involves students working together to achieve common goals.

Young people are becoming inspired to pursue their solutions to current global issues. This is a result of technological advancements and plenty of information.

Volunteer trips are an excellent way to integrate project-based learning into the curriculum. Students can volunteer with local sustainability organizations. There they will use their experiences to conduct research for home-based environmental projects. 

Alternatively, schools can organize their sustainability activities. In such programs participating students can benefit the school community. 

6. Students as Independent Learners

Finally, many of these new teaching trends lead to a more significant trend. All these aims to allow students to become leaders in their education.

In the traditional model, teachers are the ‘givers’ of knowledge. Students are the passive ‘receivers’ of knowledge. Yet, new teaching approaches encourage students to take action for their learning. The new methods allow teachers to step back and watch their students learn. 

Teachers would focus on creating an environment in which students can take control. They also provide support while allowing students to take controlled risks. 

By doing this, teachers become facilitators of learning. This also allows their students to take advantage of emerging ed-tech tools. That way, the students can have a more personalized learning experience.

Conclusion for Trending Training Tips in 2022

A teacher is only as effective as the tools he or she employs during trainign process. Some of those tools include media literacy, class excursions, gamification, project-based learning, etc. 

With these tools, teachers can impact their students more and help them become better. To get the best tools, teachers must continue to invest in professional development. One way to do that is to buy the best graduate credit courses online.

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