Top 6 Industries AI Will Affect in Next Decade

6 Industries Ai Will Affect Tremendously In The Next Decade-Min

Artificial intelligence is no longer a campfire story people tell to sound interesting. It is no longer a movie plot for a doomsday scenario. AI has become part of our daily lives, and we interact with it daily, even though we might not be aware of it. Predictions say that by 2030, AI will take over nearly a billion jobs. But thanks to its superiority, more than a billion new jobs will appear. It is time for great changes and career shifting, so stay updated. What are the Industries AI Will Affect? If AI threatens your role, don’t see that as a problem but as a chance to grow and learn new stuff.

In this article, we talk about the six most affected industries by AI. If you’re working within these, you might want to know more about how artificial intelligence will interfere with your work. Keep reading and find out more about it.

1. Information Technologies is Top One Among the Industries AI Will Affect

IT is directly connected to AI, so it’s normal that they will see great interaction in the upcoming years. One of IT professionals’ most significant areas of expertise is protection from outside and inside threats. These guys take care of the networks, software, and hardware, and what is more capable than a machine of doing it?

In the future, jobs related to network security services will be strongly affected, making many IT agencies operating at the moment completely alter their work. Security will be strengthened, hacking attacks will be limited, and companies will remain safe because AI can be omnipresent regarding office networks.

2. Healthcare


Did you know that the shortage of healthcare workers worldwide is enormous right now? The World Health Organization estimates that the world will miss around 10 million people in the industry by 2030. Luckily, AI will come to the rescue and help us all receive the healthcare we need.

Additionally, AI will strongly affect parts of medicine and healthcare that need as much precision as possible. Doctors already use AI computers for precisely diagnosing diseases and conditions based on AI experience and research. Computers are already more accurate than the most skilled and experienced doctors. So, healthcare is among the industries AI will affect.

3. Marketing

You’ve probably heard about ChatGPT and its powerful engine. Just as this one can make a dramatic change in the marketing field, in the future, more AI-driven bots will follow and entirely take over many marketing niches – content writing, design, social media management, etc.

Many other marketing fields are industries AI will affect, and although they may not be entirely taken over, they will still force people to seek new jobs. Most of these people will probably shift toward AI management, research, and programming.

4. Finance


Banks and other financial institutions heavily rely on making the right prediction about where and how they should lend their money. AI does this nearly without error, making many jobs in finance obsolete.

Finance is among the industries AI will affect and already interacts with these types of software. But isn’t replying as much as it is expected to happen in the future. Many jobs in finance will be removed. And only some of these people will stay working closely with AI and checking its work.

5. Transport


Have you seen what autonomous driverless vehicles are capable of doing? Tesla and many other companies already have vehicles made to drive without anyone inside. Expectations are that no one will drive cars in the next few decades.

As for the big robust trucks delivering goods from one side of the continent to the other – it is almost the same. Now, truck drivers waste a lot of time on rest, and companies lose due to human errors, but when AI hits the highways, none of this will exist anymore.

6. Customer service and retail is Among the Industries AI Will Affect

Some companies around the US, including Amazon, developed cashless stores in which no one works. People get inside these stores and buy what they need without employees interfering. AI scanners instantly see what customers get and charge them on their cards. This practice will continue to grow in the future.

Another thing that companies already use widely is customer service. Chatbots answer most questions for people visiting their sites, and in the future, AI is expected to take over almost 100% of all customer service relations, as it will know all the answers and will know how to redirect the issue accordingly. This will make happy clients, which is the ultimate goal.

Conclusion on Industries AI Will Affect

We’re witnessing some exciting times and obviously in front of a huge change in all industries in the years to come. Closely and carefully looking at how things develop is essential to know where to go.

AI will most certainly take away millions of jobs, but complaining means nothing. We need to take action as soon as possible. Business owners will always do everything they can to create more revenue, and AI is the most budget-friendly solution there is.

We may not be able to foresee precisely how artificial intelligence will have an effect on business in the years to come, but we are certain that this impact will be significant. Business executives are getting more and more driven to have an understanding of what artificial intelligence (AI) means for them as well as the future of their respective sectors as the technology advances and new applications are developed for it.

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