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4 Tips For Running Successful LinkedIn Ads

Social media advertising is a useful tool for accomplishing your business goals, whether it is to boost leads or attract more qualified candidates. LinkedIn advertising services specifically allow connections with professionals in your industry, helping you earn more leads and candidates and grow your business. Additionally, a hashtag generator helps a lot to create appropriate hashtags for LinkedIn users and build more valuable connections.

This article discusses 4 tips for running LinkedIn ads that drive results. You can also look at tips to find an expert for LinkedIn advertising.


1. Tailoring LinkedIn Ads To Suit Your Target Audience

When running LinkedIn ads, knowing who you want to reach is essential to tailor the ad content and format to suit their interests and needs. There are several criteria to use when targeting your audience. You can set audience parameters for your LinkedIn ads, including company name and industry, company size, job title and function, and job seniority. You can also use parameters like schools attended, gender, skills, age, the field of study, groups, and degrees.

These parameters are the main categories for grouping people and targeting them specifically. LinkedIn is a professional network; therefore, most categories focus on occupational status. Hyper-specific targeting on LinkedIn makes reaching the right people easy. Furthermore, due to its advanced targeting options, LinkedIn is 277% more effective than other social media networks for lead generation.

2. Choosing from the Types of LinkedIn Ads That Suits Your Campaign

When running LinkedIn sponsored content, there are several types of LinkedIn ads you can choose. There are mainly three types of LinkedIn ads and they are;

  • Sponsored Content

Sponsored content ads are native ads appearing directly on users’ feeds. These ads appear seamlessly with other content on the feed users scroll through. Furthermore, using sponsored content ensures that your content appears on all devices. Sponsored content is ideal for driving leads, building brand awareness, and nurturing relationships. The ads target professionals interested in your business, creating an ideal audience.

  • Sponsored InMail

Sponsored InMail is another ad type that is suitable for reaching people directly. This ad format allows the delivery of personalized and relevant ads to interested leads. When using sponsored InMail, the ad goes directly to a user’s inbox, and users receive the messages because they are mostly text-based. Sponsored InMail ads look like professional messages you receive from businesses.

  • Text Ads

Text ads are like pay-per-click (PPC) ads. The ads appear on the LinkedIn site’s sidebar, and they operate on two payment options – pay per click and cost per impression. You can pay when someone clicks your ad or when 1000 people view your ad. LinkedIn also allows you to choose an ad format that suits your goals and budget. Summarily, text ads are great for lead generation and reaching people interested in your business.


3. Picking An Ad Format That Suits Your Campaign

After picking an ad type, the next step is to choose an ad format that best suits your campaign. The type of ad content you run determines the ad format type. There are several ad formats you can choose from to create appealing ads, including;

  • Text Ads

Text ads include only text when you create them. You can find text ads on the sidebar of your feed. Furthermore, this ad format is only available for text ad types.

  • Single Image Ads

Single image ads are the most common ads on LinkedIn. They feature high-quality, exciting photos and some text. These types of ads are most suitable for sponsored content.

  • Carousel Ads

Carousel ads are solely suitable for sponsored content. This type of ad allows multiple images in one ad. Furthermore, showcasing numerous products spanning one image over the entire carousel is great.

  • Video Ads

Video ads are great for engaging your audience and getting them to interact with your content. This type of ad is great for giving an abundance of information to your audience within a short period. Video ads are suitable for sponsored content.

  • Follower Ads

Follower ads allow the promotion of LinkedIn pages with the sole purpose of driving more members to follow the page. This ad format is suitable for growing your LinkedIn page and helping people see the content posted on the page. Follower ads are suitable for sponsored content or InMail.

  • Spotlight Ads

Spotlight ads allow products and services to be showcased for advertisers. Clicking on a spotlight ad directs a person to a landing page or a web page. Spotlight ads are only used in sponsored content.

  • Job Ads

LinkedIn job ads are suitable for finding new employees when recruiting new talent for a company. Job ads help you find better candidates to fill your available positions. Furthermore, these ads are suitable for use in sponsored content or InMail

Choosing an ad format that suits your campaign and goals will help you create a successful LinkedIn advertising campaign.

4. Choosing The Right Objective For LinkedIn Sponsored Content

When running advertising campaigns, you need to have a goal in mind. Setting a goal for your campaigns helps you know what you’re trying to achieve. Furthermore, you can achieve numerous objectives with your LinkedIn ads, including website visits, video views, engagement, and lead generation.


Run Effective LinkedIn Ads For Best Results

LinkedIn advertising is excellent for reaching professionals. The ads allow businesses, services, and products advertisement to people most likely interested in them. Following the tips discussed in this article can help you reach leads interested in your business, growing your business. Furthermore, you’ll be able to create ads that resonate with your business, getting them to engage with your business.

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