Understanding the Project Management Plan

Understanding the Project Management Plan
Understanding the Project Management Plan

A project management plan is a comprehensive document. It involves many complementary documents such as scope of work, baseline schedule, management plans, improvement plans etc. Some PMP aspirants think of a Project Management Plan as a work schedule.
The objective of this document is to provide a guideline of what has to be done, how it will be done and reported and who will be involved. Understanding the project management plan helps aspirants to pass the PMP Exam and become more successfull in their field of business.

Project Management Plan

A project management plan is a formal document created by the project manager. It describes the execution, monitoring and controlling processes of the project. Baseline schedules, baseline budgets, management plans and other related planning documents are the integral parts of the project management plans.
Baseline schedule, baseline budget and scope baseline are used to make performance measurement calculations as the project progressed. If there is a schedule and/or cost variance, the project management team takes corrective actions to correct the deviatios. If the variances between the planned and actual figures are too much and the corrective actions fail, formal change requests to the baselines become necessary.
Project management teams spend most of their time with controlling the variances between the planned and the actual figures. Without establishing an efficient planning system, a project can not be completed as per the plan.

Primary Components of the Project Management Plan

Below are the primary components of a project management
– Scope Statement
Work Breakdown Structure
– Schedule
– Budget
– Quality
– Human Resources Plan
Stakeholder Register
– Communication Plan
– Risk Register
– Procurement Plan
– Change management plan
– Configuration management plan

Creating a Project Management Plan

Before to start creating a project management plan, it is important to understand key project deliverables and the scope.
Complementary documents of the project management plans are created in several processes defined in the PMBOK Guide. For example scope management plan, cost management plan and schedule management plan are prepared in Develop Project Management Plan process. Communication management plan is created in the plan communications process.


Project management plans are detailed documents that include several project management documents. It must be approved formally. The approval process of this document changes based on the organization structure.


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