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Local Ad Campaigns and the Benefits of Using Them

Marketers know that the more targeted your campaigns are, the better the results will be. Businesses are starting to realize just how important this is when creating localized ads. However, localized ads are about so much more than just location targeting. There are various ways that you can create truly localized Google local ad campaigns.

In this article, we take a closer look at localized ads, how you can create them, and the benefits they offer. When it comes to local ads, verifying them is essential to avoid ad fraud. Residential proxies can be used to verify your ads. Check out some of the best proxies here.

What Is a Localized Ad Campaign?

Localization is the process of adapting your content to meet the cultural needs and buying habits of markets in new countries. By localizing your ad campaigns, you’re crafting them to appeal to a different market with different beliefs, cultures, and buying habits. By doing this, you’re reaching out to these individuals directly, and appealing to their natures. This can give you a competitive edge when you’re breaking into new markets.

Ad localization is more than simply clicking on the areas you want to target. You also have to consider the language, currency, buying habits, and culture of the country or market you’re targeting.

How to Create Effective Localized Ads

Let’s take a quick look at some ways that you can create effective localized ads on Google.

Use Local Friendly Ad Extensions

Ad extensions are great tools that you can use to improve your Google Ad strategy. These extensions are usually free to use and help you create compelling links in your ads. For example, a location extension can be used to add a Google Maps link directly into your ad. Other extensions, such as a phone call extension make it possible for the user to call your business directly from your ad. Affiliate extensions can be used to add a list of nearby suppliers of your products in case the client doesn’t want to wait for delivery.

These extensions add more value to your local ads, while also improving your location targeting. However, you should be careful when using these as placing too many without a clear goal can have the opposite effect.

Target Local Keywords

Keywords vary from country to country. Keywords that rank well in the US might not do so well in the UK or China. In order to ensure your ads are properly localized, you need to do keyword research for each country you aim to target with your ads. After all, you want your ads to rank high in that local area.

Run Map Local Search Ads

Local search ads are one of the best ways to ensure your targeting of real local sales. There are different types of Google Ads, but search ones usually perform best when you’re targeting local traffic. The reason for this is that when a user searches for services, the first results that pop up are from Google Maps. By running map local search ads, you can ensure you end up in these top results, leading to more views.

local Localized Ad Campaigns

Benefits of Localized Ads

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits you can experience when using localized ads as part of your campaign.

Improved Visibility

Localizing your ads and website content helps you bring the right content to the right audience. By crafting ads that are targeted at locals, you’re creating content that they want to see and interact with. This will improve your local visibility and organic reach.

Decreased Barrier to Market Entry

If you want to expand your business into new markets for a more global result, having localized content ready will make the process easier. Competition is fierce, and buyers can be more selective when choosing which businesses to support. Leads are more likely to support businesses that provide content in their language, and currency and that appeal to their culture. By localizing your ad campaigns, it becomes easier to break into these new markets.


Improves Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is important in fostering a long-term relationship with leads. In order to achieve brand recognition in a new market, the locals need to feel that your business is part of their community. Localized ads help to lay the groundwork for this so that you can build a local relationship and foster brand recognition in the new market.

Final Thoughts on Local Ad Campaigns

Localized ads are important to improve leads and break into new markets, start using google local ads. However, verifying these local ads is essential to avoid ad fraud. The best way to verify your local ads is by using residential proxies. These residential proxies enable you to select an IP in the country you’re targeting so that you can view your ads just like a local would.

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