Scrum vs Agile: Understanding Methodologies

Agile Vs Scrum- What Is Scrum Project Management

It can be pretty overwhelming to understand all the terminologies related to project management clearly when you are new to it. After all, a project manager has to fulfill a wide range of responsibilities. From creating the entire project plan to seeing to it that everything happens according to the plan. A project manager not only has to take care of how to do things but also has to identify all the risks about their project. Here, we will look at Scrum vs Agile, agile methodology vs scrum along with scrum project management.

To obtain that, the project manager needs to understand their project well and choose the right development methodology for it. Now, various types of development methodologies exist from which project managers from software development companies have to take their pick. But from the buck of them, Agile and Scrum project management methodologies are very popular as well as widely utilized by businesses around the world.

Many people confuse both terms to have a similar meaning. Well, some similarities do exist between both methodologies. But there are a lot of differences between scrum and agile. And that’s what we are going to explore in this article.

First, we are going to discuss both methodologies separately and then we will look at their basic differences in brief. Lastly, we will consider the case when you could use these methodologies. So, let’s get start with Scrum vs Agile.

What is Agile project management?

Agile project management is a set of techniques and tools that help organizations to produce innovative products in short cycles. In agile project management is based on the theory that work done today will yield benefits tomorrow, and that the organization will be more effective if its members can respond flexibly to change.

Agile project management focuses on increasing quality rather than reducing costs or increasing productivity. It does this by encouraging early delivery of features, which increases business value for customers and increases employee satisfaction as well.

When you are working with scrum vs agile project management, collaborations are created between the software development company’s team and other project-relevant teams in the company. This collaboration leads to better communication and increased knowledge sharing between members of the team and those outside it who need information such as suppliers, marketing managers, or sales representatives.

What is Scrum Project Management?

Scrum is a typical product development and management framework of the IT industry. Scrum teams are self-organizing, cross-functional groups of 3-9 people who work together to deliver products within a set amount of time. Every team member is assigned their roles and responsibilities which they have to complete for the success of the project.

Scrum teams use a simple structure of roles called Product Owners, Scrum Masters, and Developers. The Product Owner is responsible for defining the product vision, prioritizing user stories, and assigning tasks to the Development Team. The Scrum Master facilitates communication between Product Owners and Development Teams by helping them resolve conflicts and resolve issues as they arise during the sprints. Developers deliver working software at the end of each sprint using an Agile methodology such as Scrum or XP.

The Difference Between Agile and Scrum

Agile vs Scrum are both software development methodologies that focus on the value of getting software development finished. Still, many differences between these methodologies make them unique.

The first difference is in how agile teams work together. Agile teams tend to be self-organizing and autonomous. So they don’t need to be organized around a formal process like Scrum. Also, agile teams can work with each other remotely. Or online in virtual meetings rather than face-to-face meetings. This makes it easier for everyone involved to stay focused and motivated throughout the project.

Agile, which is a collection of practices, focuses on rapid development and customer collaboration.

Scrum is a framework that supports agile software development by providing a framework for planning, managing, and delivering projects.

Agile development is less rigid than a waterfall but more flexible and adaptive than pure scrum. It is constantly changing and adjusting according to fluctuating business requirements.

Agile development or agile project management is just a philosophy whereas Scrum project management is one type of agile development methodology. So, every Scrum approach can be said as an agile approach but not every agile approach can be called Scrum.

In scrum development, the entire system is broken down into smaller and deliverable sprints. On the other hand, agile development delivers the entire finished product at the end.

Agile development can consist of some cross-functional teams but a Scrum team has specific roles like a product owner or a scrum master.

Scrum vs Agile: Choosing the Right Project management methodology

May it be any project management methodology, you can apply it effectively only if you have a clear understanding of its approach. And when it comes to Agile and Scrum development methodologies, things can get a little confusing. So, let me clear up things for you.

Yes, if you decide to use the agile approach for development or project management then you can do so but the question is which agile methodology will you pick? It can be anyone, it can be scrum too.

Before that, you have analyzed whether your agile approach is right for your project or not. The term agile project management is always used in the context of software development. And the name itself suggests that this approach will not prove to be very helpful in projects with a strict scope of work.

Now, if you can be a little flexible and robust then agile is your style. But beyond that, now you have to consider whether, in the agile approach, scrum project management can be right for you or not. Scrum is mostly suited for projects that do not have any kind of clear or specific goals and requirements.

So there you have the comparison for Scrum vs Agile. Tell me, what kind of project management methodology do you like and why?

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