Productivity Tips and Tricks at Work – 8 Tips

Productivity Tips And Tricks At Work

Are you busy all the time? Most people wake up early in the morning and start the day in a hurry to catch up on a long list of tasks. However, at the end of the day, fewer things have been done because of time wastes. Last year was fully productive for me. I have read many books, moved to a new home, attended a lot of training programs, spent more time with my children, and visited new countries. For me, productivity is a lifestyle that may be affected by many variables. I talked with many successful people and leaders to understand their best project management practices and productivity tips at work. Recognizing their methods was invaluable for me to improve myself. As a result of my researches and interviews, I have collected many project management hacks and productivity tricks. In this article, I will share with you the best productivity tips and tricks that I learned from successful people.

What is the Definition of Productivity?

Various definitions can be made for productivity. In business and manufacturing, labor productivity is very important to measure how efficient you are performing. It is a crucial factor to understand the performance of firms and nations. Increasing productivity increases the output and income accordingly. Most of the companies have programs such as adopting new technologies, using computers and software tools changing operating methods to continuously improve their productivity.

Best Productivity Tips and Tricks at Work

Briefly stated, productivity is all about managing time effectively to achieve maximum output. Here below are the top 10 productivity tips and tricks at work that help you to get done many things in a limited time.

Tip #1: Balance Your Work and Personal Life

Maintaining a proper work-life balance is important for both your physical and mental health. According to the researches, employees who don’t place enough importance on their mental health in the workplace, are under high risk of depression.

Furthermore, balancing personal and business life is also important for maintaining your physical health. For example, regular exercise and eating healthy supports your personal productivity.

If you take time off when you need it, you will leave your brain open to do more things.

Tip #2: Effective Time Management with Time Blocking

Managing time effectively is one of the most important productivity tips at work. Time Blocking is one of the most useful time scheduling techniques to manage time effectively. It can be applied to both personal and professional life. Time blocking focuses on completing tasks one at a time instead of working by the clock. By this means you can be more accountable and productive every day.

Tip #3: Label Your Emails in Your Inbox

Emails are one of the most important communication tools in daily life. The number of email users is continuously increasing every day. Although emails make our business and professional life easier, managing and classifying a huge number of emails is a big problem. Prioritization and categorization of all your emails with labeling is a good idea to manage your communication lines. Use at least five minutes every day to label the emails in your inbox. Thus, you will not lose time searching for the information that you need.

Tip #4: Turn off the Notifications

We continuously receive notifications such as messages, emails, social media messages, and other interruptions all the time. When we receive one of them, we lose a large amount of time focusing on it. According to the researches an average person spends around 3 hours every day on social media. That means if you turn off notifications, you can focus on the important tasks instead of chaffs.

Tip #5: Avoid Long Conversations with Coworkers

Avoiding long conversations is one of the important productivity tips at work. Of course, you will talk to your coworkers. However, if you want to be more productive, you need to avoid long conversations with them because you may be interrupted by one of them all the time. For example, you focus on an important issue, one of your friends comes and asks you something related to a TV program or fishing. Starting a long conversation often kills your productivity because you will lose a lot of time to refocus on the issue again.

Tip #6: Avoid Multitasking

Multitasking is performing more than one task simultaneously. If you have to perform many tasks in a short time period, quit multitasking and use time blocking to manage your schedule effectively. Set small time frames for each task, complete one of them, and move to another. This will help you to focus on each task without being interrupted.

Tip #7: Delegate Tasks Among Team Members

If you are a project manager or a team leader, you need to delegate some of your tasks to the team members because you can not complete all tasks yourself. In other words, not everything that needs to be done in your business must be done by you.

Tip #8: Plan the Next Day

At the end of the day, take 5-10 minutes to set your priorities for the next day. That will make you more focused when you start your shift.

Bonus Tip: Laugh More

According to scientists, humor and joy are an important part of our lives. If you want to boost your productivity, you need to decrease your stress by laughing.


If you have limited time to do lots of things, you need to be more productive. Nations, companies, and even individuals constantly looking for ways to improve their efficiency. So what do you think about productivity tips and tricks at work? Did you use the tips for productivity before? Let me know in the comments section, and feel free to share your own tips and strategies that boost up your productivity.

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