Marketing in 2022: New Marketing Strategies

Marketing in 2022 New Strategies for the New Year-min

With the new year upon us, it’s time to think about how you can use the changing of the calendars as inspiration for a new marketing strategy plan. For many firms that have suffered during the pandemic, reducing tier service coverage or limiting their sales output, it’s hoped that marketing in 2022 will be a year of recovery for businesses. With more consumers spending their cash than in the previous two pandemic years. In this article, we’ll provide a handy guide on how you can reach more consumers with new marketing strategies in 2022 to kick off a successful growth year and craft a marketing strategy example.

Marketing in 2022: Review

Before you hit out and begin rethinking your entire strategy for your marketing, you should first have a think about what has come before. What went well in the past as a marketing strategy plan – and what could you do better in the future?

Did any strategy return a high amount of sales on your investment, and did other ideas flop with little return? By noting down these observations for next marketing strategy example, you’ll be able to build a new marketing strategy in 2022. So it will combine the best of the past with the most exciting future-facing marketing strategies. Thus enhancing your marketing success rate.

Target Market for Marketing in 2022

Most businesses have a well-defined target market. They’ve been through those boardroom meetings, jotting ideas on a whiteboard, and they’ve come out with an idea of who they’re trying to speak to in their marketing. But have you actually considered whether this projection is accurate? How well do you actually know your customers – especially if they’re online? It’s useful to review what your typical customer does actually look like, as you might find that your targeting is off – meaning that you’re not reaching the consumers who are most likely to have an interest in your brand, products, or services.

SEO Boosting

Type in your company name into Google, and you’d expect to see your firm returned on the first page of Google’s search results. But what about the names of the product you sell – like “boutique mascara”, for instance. Do you see your firm on the top page or even on the top five pages? If you don’t, it’s because you’ve not worked on your SEO in recent years in your marketing strategy plan. SEO techniques help boost your firm in the eyes of Google’s algorithms. In your marketing strategy plan, work on promoting you to the first page of the search engine’s results. Experienced firms like can help you get there, ensuring that you’re being put in front of consumers who are searching for products you sell.

Influencer Marketing

The cosmetics example given above would also be perfectly suited to a relatively new form of marketing in 2022. Engaging with an influencer or a group of influencers. Here, the idea is simple. If you can pay a well-regarded individual to wear, promote or share your products, you’ll tap into their own audience. So, it will be giving you far more consumers to trade with. That’s exciting for firms that are fashionable, given that all you need is one influencer, and you might gain hundreds or even thousands of extra sales. If you’re not quite sure how you can start off with influencer marketing, it’s worth reading a little more about their strategy online.

Events and Promotions

There’s something we’ve all been missing for the past two years, and that’s getting out and about. Since early in 2020, it’s been difficult to organize an event or gathering to promote a product. Or even just to celebrate your firm’s milestones and successes. We’re all now craving a few more events, so the company that throws one for the general public.  And industry influencers will tap into that latent sense that we’re all due a good party. Of course, your party will all be about promotion, with plenty of content captured for social media. And an invite list that will cover influential and important contacts who may one day help you in marketing in 2022.


For the past five years or so, the marketing industry has been hollering about the death of TV advertising. As a result, the rates for a television advert are on rise, as major brands reconsider where their marketing output should get prevalent. Their budgets are now spent on online marketing, giving smaller firms a bite of still-influential TV advertising cake. Of course, to really make a hit advert, you’re going to need to partner with a marketing firm that knows all about how to film a memorable advert. But this is a form of advertising that’s set to come back into vogue in 2022, with cheaper rates equaling more new entrants into the TV marketing field.


Then there’s the online marketing that’s continuing to excite everyone in the industry. It’s based on the data that individuals leave behind as they surf the web. In which large marketing middle-men process in order to sort us into categories based on our browsing habits. One individual might be classified as a “silver surfer” senior citizen, interested in investments and life insurance. Whereas another might be a “Gen Z” browser, interested in youth culture and fashion. Programmatic marketing works on the premise that your adverts will be on web browsers. And organizes ppc adverts following these criteria. It’s a successful way to target effectively for marketing in 2022.

New Social Media

If you’re targeting young people on social media, the chances are you’ve been hopping from platform to platform for some time. You might have started on Facebook before making the move to Twitter and Instagram, then to Snapchat. And eventually onto platforms like Roblox and TikTok as a marketing strategy example. You need to redirect your social media activity to these more in-fashion social media platforms in order to capture more eyes and more curious consumers. As a marketing strategy example, there are other social media platforms that might suit your audience better. YouTube, for instance, is viewed by people of all ages. And it could help you reach a broad range of consumers as we head into 2022.

Marketing in 2022 will all be about opportunity and growth. Those who seize new opportunities will expand their market share. While others that stick with the same tired formulas are likely to remain stagnant.

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