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Is The New Pmp Test Harder Pmp Exam Preparation Tips-Min

Is the new PMP test harder?

When it comes to the famous exams worldwide, the PMP test ranks among the most sought-after ones. The exam tests a candidate’s efficiency and in-depth knowledge of project management. A comprehensive syllabus along with lengthy and complicated questions make the exam. The longer duration and tricky question add branches to the existing ordeal. Let us know a little more about the PMP certification test questions and more.

What Is The PMP Certification?

The Project Management Institute started the Project Management Professional, i.e. PMP certification, in 1984. Over the years, the exam became harder with the unveiling of new industry concepts. Every large company asks for this certification while hiring a project manager.

PMP Certification Test Questions:

It is a worldwide credential awarded by the Project Management Institute (PMI®). The PMP®, which stands for Project Management Professional, is a PMP certification test administered by the PMI®. Each of the five process categories (Initiation, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling, and Closing) and nine knowledge areas are covered in 200 multiple-choice questions. The test has five sections: (Integration, Scope, Time, Cost, Quality, Human Resource, Communication, Risk, and Procurement).

Twenty-five PMP certification test questions out of the 200 total questions are pretest questions. Pretest questions appear at random during the exam and have no bearing on the candidate’s final score. They are used in examinations as a cost-effective way to increase the number of examination questions that can be used in future PMP examinations, and they are not considered part of the final score. For the test, a passing score of about 61 percent is required (106 questions correct out of 175 scored questions).

Understanding The Exam

 The PMP exam undergoes frequent revisions to match up with the ongoing trends in the project management industry. The exam covers three important areas that endeavour to test a candidate’s understanding, knowledge, and ability to deal with over 20 skills concerning project management. 

Outline Of The Exam

The new PMP test is harder, and the exam’s outline is more than enough to depict it. After the alterations of January 2021, the exam lays its primary focus on three aspects;

  • Business environment: The aspect of the business environment centres around propelling the connection of the projects undertaken by a company and the strategies applied for the same.
  • People: The domain of people included sharpening and enhancing the leadership skills and activities related to giving a lead to a project management team with precision.
  • Process: when it comes to the process domain, it involves improving all the technological resources that go into building a project. 

As against the earlier exams of 200 questions, the new exam comes with a total of 180 questions that you need to solve in 230 minutes. The questions come in the types of multiple response questions, hotspots, and fill in blanks. 

Preparing For The PMP Certification Test

Preparing for such a detailed and tough exam is not a child’s play. Numerous people might afraid after seeing the exam details and question levels. Here comes the importance of PMP exam dumps 2022. Executing such a tough exam with success relies on how good your preparation is and how much knowledge you garner.

It is important to have an idea about the exam outline, as mentioned earlier. An added exam outline description is mentioned on the PMP exam’s online site. Let us have a look at them;

  • Domain initiating will consume 13% of the total questions on the paper.
  • 24% of the questions on the paper will focus on Domain planning.
  • Domain executing will carry a weight of at least 31% of the questions in the PMP exam.
  • Monitoring and controlling make up for 25% of the questions on the paper.
  • The final 7% focuses on domain closing.

Such a compact question paper requires thorough analysis and adequate preparation for success.

Aspects Making The PMP Test Difficult

Many reasons go into making the exam a difficult nut to crack. The difficulties a candidate might run into are as follows;

  • Lengthy materials

The materials that one needs to cover while preparing for this exam are vast. Covering such extensive material consumes a lot of time, and what’s more, draining is to imbibe all the knowledge. Not everything might be a part of the question paper, but leaving out any domain puts you at the risk of missing out on valuable marks.

  • A Complex Exam Structure

The exam structure is quite complex for someone to grasp at the very first go. Candidates often require a lot of time to understand the exam structure and begin their preparations. Referring to the PMI’s standard is important here.

  • Difficult questions

The exam is for squeezing out the best candidates among many aspirants. Thus, the questions won’t be easy, rather ones that will test the knowledge and conceptuality of candidates. One can expect tough questions with vocabulary that puts a candidate’s knowledge to some real test. 

This ordeal will be minimal via thorough preparation and revision of concepts. The PMP exam dumps 2022 appears to be the perfect company to help an aspirant grasp the concepts easily and give the exam a befitting reply.


You should be cautious while searching for PMP test questions or PMP sample exams on the internet to ensure that you are testing yourself with the most recent PMP sample exam. There are a variety of PMP test preparation materials and PMP mock examinations accessible online. You may look for PMP practice test materials online by searching for PMP practice exam. However, the vast majority of them are out of current or contain incorrect information. As a result, use caution while selecting your PMP test preparation materials.

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