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How to Build a Stellar Customer Experience Strategy

In this article we are going to discuss an important subject. Developing the right Customer Experience Strategy is all about Understanding What Your Customers want and Modifying Your Products and Processes to Give Them What They Want. It’s about getting them high with the experience you create for them. How will they Customer Experience going to be with you? Make it Stellar. That is if you have intentions to keep them.
It’s Time.


A Customer talking about their experience with You is worth Ten times that which you write or say about yourself.

David J. Greer


Building a Stellar Customer Experience Strategy

It’s Time you learn How To Build a Stellar Customer Experience Strategy.

Stellar. Astral. Celestial.

We look above the stars, and we see ourselves. We would like to be there, high above ourselves. We would like to be surrounded by galaxies. We would like to travel. Live Interstellar.

Yes. We are humans. That is enough of a reason to desire everything. If something exists, we’ll find a way to get it right under our fingertips. That is what we did. Since the beginning of history. We needed food and when the existing fields or plants were not enough, we knew we had to get control of it. We got to dominate the nature. Because nature exists, therefore there was no such reason why we would not control it.

The Hunger is inscribed in our nature. We always want more of what we see. It drives our creativity, if there is something, we can make more of it. Somehow. In some way.

And something always should have another meaning in a different dimension, we can give meaning to it ourselves. That’s what we did. We looked above the stars and we said something:

We want to be there.

So, it all began. Yes, we were looking and observing how the objects moved, floating in the sky. But it was not enough. We got curious, or rather jealous of their experience.

Why couldn’t we float like those objects in the sky?

So, we found a way. We invented spacecraft and crafted rockets for ourselves to float around our galaxy ourselves. Not all of us could go just yet. But most of us wanted that astral, stellar experience. We began thinking what more we could do with it. How else we could have that Stellar experience before putting ourselves in empty space?

That was the Spark.

We could create artificial experiences that would resemble our carry a piece of that Stellar experience. We could implement that Stellar experience into our technology.

So, we did. And we called it Customer Experience.


“Be absorbed in what you customer is saying, be inspired by what your customer is meaning.”

Chip R. Bell, Inside Your Customer’s Imagination: 5 Secrets for Creating Breakthrough Products, Services, and Solutions


Great experiences are not accidental, they are the ultimate outcome of hard work and research.


For an instance, let’s take Instagram. The application was launched to public for IOS in 2010, back then it was only an application where people could share their photographs, create their own profile and scroll their feed which was not tailored or modified by Artificial Intelligence.

Since the purchase

Since the purchase of Facebook in 2012, Instagram literally became another entity. When it took the “Stories” feature from Snapchat, many users got cold feet and therefore they were not okay with this direction of Instagram. But so much has happened. Many new features were introduced. Such as Advertising. Advertising and Promotion by Instagram have become a brand-new field, Social Media Marketing.

But how did Facebook do this?

1. Research

The Research Facebook did was massive. With this research they identified what the current users were interested in, how would they create a pull for potential users, and which features they might consider adding in the future.

2. Mapping

Proceeding from the Facebook example, how did Instagram implement the buying feature into the application? Or generally, how would you map out a Customer’s Experience?

a. Awareness

First off, your customers know your brand by using your Products or Services. You must let them know you exist and inform them about what is it exactly that you do.

b. Consideration

You must make your potential customers Consider using your services or product. How? By informing them about what you Offer them.

c. Acquisition

The potential customers must make a purchase to become a customer.

d. Service

You should have a channel where your customers can inquire about your products, services, or policies they should know about. And these services should be both user and mobile friendly.

e. Loyalty

If your customers are happy, they become loyal to your brand and they create the infamous Word of Mouth by sharing positive reviews about your services and products.

3. Department for Each Experience Point

If you’d like to generate a Stellar Customer Experience, there should be a department/responsible team member for each step of the way to tailor that specific part of the Customer Experience.

Developing or improving your customer experience strategy is not difficult when you follow the basic steps highlihted in below infographic.

In this article, we reviewed the pathway of creating a Stellar Customer Experience Strategy.

Which step do you think is the most important?


Let us know in the comments below!

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