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How Co-Browsing Can Change The Way We Do Our Business

Imagine this: It is on a public holiday and you are the only person at work navigating through your business website. All of a sudden, you hit a stumbling block and have no idea of how to proceed. What if there were a simpler solution that didn’t involve calling the technical team into work when using Co browsing software? Co-browsing makes it possible for a professional guide to virtually access your device, see what you are doing and offer real time guidance. Co-browsing software is more than just a tech trend- it is a revolutionary way to reshape how you conduct your business! With this innovation, your clients can enjoy a seamless purchasing process. Let us talk you through how Cobrowsing can help your profits skyrocket!

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Key Takeaways 

  • Co-browsing is a revolutionary customer service software that allows professionals to guide customers through their web sessions in real time.
  • Benefits of co-browsing for businesses include enhanced customer satisfaction, increased sales, cost-effectiveness, transparency, and increased productivity.
  • Getting started with co-browsing involves choosing the right software, integrating it into your website or app, training your team, informing your customers, and initiating co-browsing sessions.
  • To maximize the benefits of co-browsing, personalize interactions, train your team, respect customer privacy, gather feedback, and track progress over time.
  • Co-browsing has the potential to significantly improve customer service ratings and contribute to business growth.

What is Co-browsing for Businesses?

When you think about co-browsing, you should try to picture a tour where you get professional guidance through a live web session instead of inside a tour van. So, what is co-browsing? Collaborative browsing is a technological revolution which gives a company’s employee access to a customer’s web session. 

With access, the customer can get guidance on how to navigate the challenge they are facing. This can range from placing purchases, adding billing methods, or even accessing services on your website. co browsing software maintains customer privacy by limiting its scope to the browser only. If you’re aiming to improve your customer service ratings, embracing collaborative browsing could be the solution. 

Immediate resolutions, real time feedback and personalized experiences may be the key to making your business a success. 

What is co-browsing software?

Co-browsing software is a technological solution that allows a company’s representative to remotely access and view a customer’s web session in real time. It enables the representative to guide the customer through challenges, provide assistance, and offer personalized support, ultimately enhancing the customer’s experience and improving customer service.

What is an example of co-browsing?

An example of co-browsing is when a customer visits an e-commerce website and encounters difficulties while making a purchase. The customer initiates a co-browsing session, allowing a customer service agent to remotely access their web session. The agent can guide the customer through the process, answer questions, and resolve any issues in real time.

How can Co-browsing benefit your business?

With the clear knowledge of the definition and use of co-browsing in business, let us look at what your business has to gain from using the revolutionized customer service software. Here are some of the remarkable benefits your business can experience from co-browsing:

1. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

If you have been struggling with having a smooth customer service base, co-browsing will enhance your customer satisfaction. With the ability of offering live support to your customers, queries can be addressed on time. This will help you to build a loyal following based on your reliable digital customer service.

2. Increased Sales

If your customers are finding it difficult to place orders and check out, consider using co-browsing software to guide them through each step of the purchasing process. This way, both time and consultation calls can be skipped.

A happy customer results in a successful business! With a seamless customer operation service, your business’s increase in sales can be promised.

3. Cost-Effective

Co-browsing is a virtual service that facilitates easy access to the operating device. With the software, you do not need to have field agents in order to access customer issues. This also saves on the transportation fee and other miscellaneous costs involved with field visits. With co-browsing, you can reduce your customer care management costs and save time.

4. Promotes Transparency

With co-browsing, the customer has the ability to see how their issue is being resolved. The live action gives the customer a sense of belonging and shows them that their queries matter to your business. The personalized experience helps to build trust and also build on the business to customer relationship.

5. Increases Productivity

With a well-trained customer service technology team, co-browsing can significantly enhance productivity in your business. The goal is for your business to handle multiple customers simultaneously. This creates an ideal platform for customers to engage with your employees without the need to wait for field agents. 

co-browsing software co browsing

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What is important when using co-browsing technology for business?

When using co-browsing technology for business, several important factors should be considered. Firstly, ensuring proper training for your team to navigate and operate the co-browsing software effectively. Respecting customer privacy and reassuring them that the access is limited to their browser window builds trust. Gathering feedback from customers helps in continuous improvement, and tracking progress over time helps evaluate the effectiveness of the software.


How to Get Started With Using Co-browsing Technology?

Using Co browsing technology seems hard- but it is easier than you think.

With the digital support revolution, this simple automated customer service software can drastically improve your customer satisfaction rating. Here is a guide on how your business can embrace this amazing Co browse software;

Step 1: Choose Your Co-browsing Software

The first step is to choose a co-browsing automated customer service systems which fits your business needs. There are multiple software available and you need to factor in the cost, the features available as well as how user friendly it is. With that in mind, you can be sure to select the right software.

Step 2: Integrate the Software into Your Website or App

The next step is to integrate the Co browsing software with your business website. If you are new to this, you can ask for help or contract an expert to do it. However, most of the purchases should  come with a step-to-step installation guide.

Step 3: Train Your Team

The contact center automation software may be easy to navigate for professionals, but training your team on how to use the co-browsing software is vital. The training should involve a detailed guide on how to initiate a co-browsing session with clients and also how to navigate their way around. 

This will ensure the efficiency of the mobile customer service software is utilized to its full capacity. Effective communication with customers during a session is also important for good mobile customer service solution. 

Step 4: Inform Your Customers

Inform Your Customers

Now that everything is ready, it is time to make the big announcement! You can opt to make phone calls, post on your business social media accounts or even send emails. Informing your clients about the new service helps them to embrace the process. 

Step 5: Begin Co-browsing

With everything set, you can now start your journey to providing better automation customer service and growing your business. You can now access your customer queries in real time and address them. Keep in mind that the end goal is to enhance customer experience by resolving issues faster.

Tips to maximize the use of co-browsing to improve customer experience

Now that you’ve made a significant investment in co-browsing software for your business, how can you maximize the benefits of this customer service automation solution? 

Here are some amazing tips for you;

Tip 1: Make It Personal:

With the ability to have a productive one on one conversation with customers, the co-browsing software gives you an opportunity to better understand clients. From what their needs are, to which services they would love to get a better experience of. In essence, it’s an opportunity to conduct market and customer research while providing personalized services to customers.

Tip 2: Train Your Team: 

Your team should be proficient in operating and navigating the co-browsing software your business uses. Training your team helps to build on their operation skills, therefore, improving the customer satisfaction. 

Tip 3: Respect Privacy: 

Would you be open to letting a stranger browse through your computer? I guess not. As a respectable business, it is important to remind your customers that you only have access to their browser window. This encourages them to be open during the process and also builds confidence. Assuring customers of their privacy should be done before the start of the web session.

Tip 4: Gather Feedback: 

After the web session, take the time to understand what worked and what areas need improvement. This can be done through a face to face conversation or an anonymous survey. This will help you to get a better understanding of client needs.

Tip 5: Track Progress

Has your business seen any improvement since implementing the customer service software? If so, it is important to track the progress over time. It can be weekly, monthly or yearly. This will help you to understand whether the software gives back its value, meaning it was a worthy investment. If not, you might consider purchasing a different co-browsing software.

Final Thoughts

Co-browsing allows you to worry less about having poor customer service ratings. With major benefits such as increased productivity and sales, as well as cost savings, your business has the potential to grow into a multi-billion-dollar company. In short, this is the game-changing innovation we’ve all been waiting for. Happy co-browsing!

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