How AI Trading Can Make You a Better Trader

How Ai Can Make You A Better Trader

There are a number of high-growth industries in the world. Perhaps none as influential as the market for artificial intelligence (AI). To provide some context, the AI market was valued at $136.55 billion at the end of 2022, while it’s projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 37.3% between now and 2030. At the heart of AI’s forecast growth is the technology’s versatility, which makes it applicable across a broad range of markets. These include forex trading, but what impact is AI trading already having and how does it benefit traders?

What is AI Trading and How Does it Work?

Of course, AI can be deployed across a broad range of financial markets and assets, especially when accessing the technology through trading platforms such as the MetaTrader 5.

In general terms, AI trading describes an automated system that allows investors to execute a high volume of orders using predetermined rules and parameters.

But how exactly does this work? Well, you’ll use your trading knowledge and strategy to establish viable timeframes. And pre-set criteria for your orders, determining your actions in relation to specific price movements and market conditions.

Once your rules have been set and confirmed, your chosen software (or forex robot) will execute each one automatically. This is using core AI principles and sophisticated algorithms. And this ensures that rules are enacted efficiently and in a completely emotionless manner. Thus, optimising order execution and taking on data-driven steps in the process.

How is AI Currently Used in Forex Trading?

As we can see, AI provides an excellent tool for optimising order execution in the real-time marketplace.

However, AI’s capacity for advanced predictive analytics also helps with informing your trades and parameters in the first place. As the technology can be used to identify patterns and insight in potentially huge and even unstructured datasets (such as social media).

These insights are becoming increasingly sophisticated as the technology evolves. Hence, it is affording you access to more accurate insights and optimising your success and profit margin in the process.

Currently, it’s thought that 90% of all FX traders leverage AI and principles such as predictive analytics as part of their wider strategy, while this number will inch increasingly higher over time.


Benefits of AI Forex Trading

Improved accuracy:

AI can comprehend large datasets that would take a lengthy time for humans to analyze. These kinds of systems have a high degree of accuracy when detecting trends and patterns. And they can act quickly based on that knowledge. They can also predict the future. And this may assist direct investing strategies.


Whether you’re trading equities or foreign exchange (FX), your goal is to make an investment. Understanding when to purchase and sell is crucial. Hence, this is why artificial intelligence (AI) is radically changing the industry. Since it can read and react to market situations instantly. This implies that adjustments to a portfolio that are necessary to prevent a loss without the requirement for an investor to do time-consuming study.

Elimination of human emotions:

AI trading based on algorithms may assist in removing emotions from financial choices. Instead, Big Data can create trading judgments that are immune to human subjectivity and emotions like rage, jealousy, and FOMO.

Finding Patterns:

Countless data points can work in a matter of minutes by very powerful computers. As a result, they are also capable of identifying replicable historical trends for smart trading that are typically obscured to human investors. Simply said, humans cannot digest that much information or recognize these patterns at the same speed as technology.

Sentiment analysis, which is the act of categorizing thoughts (or sentiment) individuals have expressed in the text, allows AI to estimate the direction of stocks and the movements of various traders by examining news headlines, social media comments, blogs, and more.

AI Trade Speed:

While not novel, this technology makes trading even faster. Every moment is under reocord. AI enables automatic trading that eliminates the need to contact your broker or open an app.

AI is cost-effective since it requires initial investment in R&D but eventually allows us to cut down on those costs. Machines simply need support expenditures; they don’t need wages.

Since artificial intelligence can operate continuously, it can replace people in procedures where it is preferable to continue working continuously than to stop. For us, the idea of working nonstop is just unthinkable. In truth, we need to get enough rest and eat, but we also need to take a break from our job since we can’t maintain our concentration for too long. This issue doesn’t exist with machines.

The Last Word – How Does AI Actually Benefit Traders?

Clearly, AI can incrementally boost your profits through improved decision making, and the technologies understated ability to automate order execution and negate the risk of you making emotive or rash decisions in real-time.

However, it also enables you to draw potentially crucial trends and data from vastdata sources. This in turn will lead to improved decision making and higher returns to sustain over time.

Of course, AI is also particularly useful from the perspective of investors with a short-term outlook such as scalpers and day traders.

After all, the intuitive and automated nature of AI trading is ideal when looking to execute a relatively high volume of orders in a short space of time, especially if you want to leverage the FX market’s innate volatility to its fullest.

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