Types of Stakeholders and Roles in Project Management

Types Of Stakeholder

If you are new to project management, most probably you asked the following question; What is a stakeholder? and get confused about the answer. In general, the definition comprises the following; Stakeholders are people or organizations who are associated with … Read more

Qualitative Risk Analysis Tools, Definition, Examples

What Is Qualitative Risk Analysis Tools, Definition, Examples

What is qualitative risk analysis definition? – Quantitative and qualitative risk analysis is an important concept from the PMP or CAPM Certification Exam point of view. If you are preparing for them, we recommend you to keep on reading to … Read more

Emotional Intelligence Skills in the Workplace

How To Develop Emotional Intelligence Skills Example In The Workplace

Project managers are team leaders. They have certain abilities and competencies to carry out the project works and make sure everything is on track. Emotional intelligence is one of the most impactful leadership skills that a project manager can have. … Read more

How to Manage and Resolve Project Conflicts

How To Manage And Resolve Project Conflicts, Conflict Management And Resolution Strategies

Conflict management is the practice of minimizing the negative effects of conflict while maximizing the positive effects of conflict in the workplace. The main goal of conflict management strategies is to improve teamwork by implementing some conflict management techniques such … Read more

Kickoff Meeting : Start Your Project!

Internal And External Project Kickoff Meeting Agenda Infographic

A project kickoff meeting is one of the most critical meetings which provides an chance for project teams and stakeholders to set common objectives and start their projects properly. It is an essential tool for communication that can help to … Read more