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3 Crucial Steps to Promoting Your PoS Software

3 Crucial Steps to Promoting Your PoS Software Via Email

A PoS software or point-of-sale software allows you to conduct and keep track of payments effectively. It also greatly streamlines the financial side of your business and helps you sort through your costs and profits. Customers are far more likely to trust a business with a reliable PoS system because it shows that it’s professional and reliable. For example, you can use a retail PoS system or a restaurant PoS software. They can be assured of the fact that you’re running your business smoothly and that assurance spills over to your products and services.

If you’ve developed PoS software to keep track and manage your payments and sales, it’s time to let your customers know about it. The best way to do this is through direct marketing via email. This will ensure that your message is seen by your target audience. At the same time, it will allow you to go into detail about the system and ensure customers that it’s something that will add value to their experience with you.

In this blog post, we’ve compiled a number of foolproof email strategies to promote your point of sale software effectively. Take a look!

1. Choose Your Target Audience Strategically

An important thing to remember is that your PoS software is not going to be the main selling point of your business. That, of course, is your products and services. This is why it will not make sense for you to market your PoS software to new people i.e. people who have never shopped from you or done business with you.

Instead, send out emails about your point of sale software to existing customers i.e. people who have done business with you at least once. The goal is to entice them to come back a second time. They already know you have quality products. Through your email about the PoS software, you’re solidifying their belief in your business and giving them the push they need to come back.

While you are sending emails to your existing customers, keep in mind that you should target businesses that are incompatible with the type of PoS software you offer. If you have a retail PoS system, target retailers, or if you have a restaurant PoS software, target restaurants to promote your software. You can also target small businesses to attract their attention early on.

2. Build A Relevant E-Mail List

In order for your emails to work, you need to send them out to a large group of people. But how do you get the email addresses you need? We already established that your target audience has to be composed of existing customers. You can get their emails in some of the following ways:

  • Ask customers to add their contact details in a sign-up sheet after their purchase
  • Offer a 10% discount on a second purchase, and ask for email addresses for people to be eligible for it
  • Ask customers to sign up for a newsletter or blog when they visit your website

Although it is important to get the e-mail addresses of your customers, how you handle those accounts is also important. If you send too many e-mails and spam your customers’ inboxes, they will be reluctant to share any further information with you and they might unsubscribe from your e-mailing list. In this case, you will not be able to promote your software and it will negatively affect your brand.

3. Create and Send Eye-Catching, Quality E-Mails

Your emails need to immediately grab the attention of the person reading them. We recommend using colorful graphics. Add an image and a description of your PoS software. Tell people all the advantages of it in quick, snappy bullet points. Use fun fonts and stickers.

If you’re not sure how to create fun and engaging emails, don’t worry. Simply pick a professional services flyer from PosterMyWall’s full range of templates and customize it to your liking in seconds. What’s more, you can even send your emails to your entire list directly through PosterMyWall. This will save you tons of time and help you run an extremely effective email marketing campaign for your PoS software.

4. Create Special Offers for PoS Software

Everyone loves special offers. If you want to promote your PoS software, you need the right strategy. For example, if you want to attract the attention of small businesses, you can offer them special discounts for a limited time. Small businesses will be reluctant to use expensive software early on to stay on the budget as much as possible. If you are targeting retailers, make a special offer for your retail PoS system and send in your limited-time offer. If you have a restaurant PoS software, make a special offer for restaurants that will attract their attention.

5. Personalized E-Mails

Although it is practical to craft one draft of an email and send it to all of your customers, it is also good to send personalized e-mails from time to time. You can send personalized e-mails during certain times of the year such as holidays. This will be a great way to remind your customers of your brand and the services you offer while giving them a positive outlook on your brand.

Final Thoughts on Promoting PoS Software via Email

Email marketing can be a great option to promote PoS software. Let your customers know how pumped you are about your new point of sale software and how it can benefit them. Since this is something that you’ll be sharing primarily with existing customers, email marketing is the perfect way to go about it. Remember to take your time building your email list. Then create some gorgeous emails and send them out quickly and easily.


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