How iOS App Development Bolsters Business Performance-min

How iOS App Development Bolsters Business Performance

iOS app development: How does it Benefit your business?

The iOS app development companies have become essential for every business. By the end of 3rd quarter of 2019, the Apple App Store had 1.8 million apps available for download, as per Statista. The number of iOS apps has been growing ever since July 2009. All thanks to the features and capabilities Apple has been adding to its operating system (OS), libraries, languages, and APIs. Now, businesses focus on building iOS apps with the sole purpose of providing value to their customers.

Key Takeaways

  1. iOS app development has become essential for businesses, with the Apple App Store offering a wide range of apps.
  2. iOS apps cater to various business needs, regardless of whether it’s a startup, on-demand service, or e-commerce store.
  3. Apple’s target audience values quality and performance, making iOS apps popular among users who are willing to pay for a great user experience.
  4. iOS offers better security for enterprise data, making it a preferred choice over Android for businesses concerned about data breaches.
  5. Building an iOS app helps establish a strong brand reputation, as Apple’s strict standards ensure high-quality apps reach the audience.
  6. iOS apps can enhance the business presence, especially in developed countries where iOS users are predominant.
  7. iOS devices enable innovative features and technologies, allowing businesses to stay ahead of the curve.
  8. iOS provides an unbeatable user experience with its user interface, multitasking, and app switching capabilities.
  9. Fragmentation is lower in iOS compared to Android, reducing compatibility and security issues.
  10. iOS app development speeds up time-to-market, particularly for startups looking to launch minimum viable products (MVPs).
  11. The cost of iOS app development is generally lower than Android due to the streamlined development process and fewer testing requirements.

But, how does the iOS app benefit your business?

To answer this, we have covered the benefits iOS app development provides to grow your business.

What is the iOS app development?

iOS app development refers to the process of creating applications specifically for Apple’s iOS operating system, which powers devices such as iPhones, iPads, and iPods. It involves designing, coding, testing, and deploying apps using programming languages like Swift or Objective-C, and leveraging Apple’s software development tools and frameworks.

How do I start an iOS app development?

To start iOS app development, follow these steps:

  1. Set up a Mac computer with Xcode, Apple’s integrated development environment (IDE).
  2. Learn the Swift programming language or Objective-C.
  3. Familiarize yourself with iOS app development concepts and frameworks.
  4. Plan your app’s features, design, and functionality.
  5. Begin coding and testing your app using Xcode.
  6. Deploy your app to the App Store for distribution.

 Benefits of iOS  App Development for Your Business

1. Suits all Business Needs

iOS app development is the perfect option for all kinds of businesses.

Whether you’re a startup making some revolutionary product, a business looking to build an on-demand app like Swiggy or Zomato, or a retailer wanting to build an e-commerce store, the iOS app development platform is for every business need.

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2. Addresses Niche Audience

When you compare the total number of smart devices available across the world, then the mobile app development company wins over iOS. But, Apple has its own set of target audiences and markets. Check out a detailed look at its target audience segmentation along with its positioning- Apple’s target audience focuses on quality and performance. They are fond of iOS devices and pay hefty amounts to use certain iOS apps, which offer them an excellent user experience.

3. Secures Enterprise Data

App security and its data security have become the most crucial criteria for every business as well as customers. With more and more enterprises planning to invest in enterprise mobile apps (as per the enterprise mobility stats), more and more security threats are seen in the enterprise mobility apps.

What kind of security threats do enterprise mobility apps face?

  • Loss or theft of devices given to employees
  • Use of non-enterprise mobile applications
  • Inability to control network access

Looking at these security threats, enterprises have shifted their focus from Android to iOS because of the security that Apple offers. Android is full of open-source libraries and frameworks, whereas iOS allows skilled iOS app developers to build apps in the closed network. No one is allowed to make the changes to the app, and also, your target audience gets a consistent experience across all iOS devices.

Hence, if you choose the right iOS  app development company, your enterprise app overcomes the challenges it has with the following solutions-

  • Any security breaches from Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD)
  • A secure and private two-way authentication process for every BYOD
  • Encrypted data using a secure container
  • Employee-facing apps by creating a perfect API strategy to build APIs in-house or bring from external sources
  • Updating and syncing the employee data with the backend
  • Managing big data efficiently
  • Multiple devices using aggressive testing
  • App scalability for emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), etc.

So, your enterprise data becomes secured on iOS apps.

4. Builds a Brand Reputation

It isn’t easy to build a brand reputation and even maintain it the same throughout the years. You might know how Facebook is struggling with its brand reputation after data breach scams one after another. It was the fault at the company’s end, but you cannot compromise on the same even for the malware or vulnerability threats.

When you build iOS apps, your target audience trusts you to provide the most secure app to serve their purpose. The reason behind this is that the iOS apps need to undergo high-quality standards of the Apple App Store before they reach your audience.

If your apps fail to pass quality and performance tests, your app cannot be published on the App Store. That’s the reason why Apple has such a loyal customer base.

Hence, building an iOS app for your business helps you build a growing brand reputation and loyal users.

5. Strengthens Business Presence

If you talk about Uber, it was first launched in the US and then in other countries. Take the example of Amazon. It was successful in the US and then in other countries. Similarly, if you’re looking to acquire a certain position in the market, you need to think of reaching developed countries such as the US and UK. And, as we saw earlier, iOS app users are mostly found across such developed countries, so you’re more likely to enhance your business presence in these countries with your iOS apps.

6. Increases Chances for Innovation

You talk about any big enterprises; they will try to bring their innovative ideas to their iOS apps. Recently, Adobe launched a new camera app, ‘Photoshop Camera App’, for iOS users. Also, during the Dreamforce event, Inc. launched an AI-based employee training app named ‘Trailhead Go’ for iOS and iPad users exclusively.

All thanks to Apple for making the iOS devices ready for future-based innovations. As per the news, Apple 2020 iOS will ship a 5-nanometer (5nm) chip manufactured by TSMC. This chip will help iOS app development companies flourish in the iOS apps with advanced AR and AI technologies. So, your business app can become future-ready faster with an iOS application.

7. Provides Unbeatable User Experience

When it comes to providing the best user experience (UX), comparisons between iOS and Android are bound to happen. If you search online for such comparisons, you will notice mixed reviews because there are people who are Android lovers. But, the fact is fact, no operating system can provide the user experience like iOS.

Look at its user interface, multitasking, and switching between the apps, the user is happy with all aspects of the iOS experience. Hence, to provide an unbeatable user experience to your audience, iOS app development is your solution.

8. Lowers Fragmentation

Fragmentation is too much with Android apps. As announced by the company, Android has more than 2.5 billion active devices as of May 7, 2019. And, only 10.4% of all the active Android devices have the updated OS version, as reported by Google. So, most Android users don’t update their apps, thus, increasing the chances of security breaches.

9. Improves Testing Processes

When it comes to updating a single feature on the Android apps, the testers need to test the functionality across all the active Android devices. Looking at the number of devices available in Android, it becomes difficult for the testers to ensure even simple features work great across all the devices.

Whereas iOS has a limited number of devices, and the company launches new features or patches to the OS less frequently. So, whenever you’re looking to update your app with certain features or functionalities, you can roll them out by testing them perfectly with iOS apps.

10. Speeds up the time-to-market (especially when you develop MVPs)

Today, the era is of startups. You talk about any startup such as Uber, Angry Birds, Netflix, and more. They all launched their first mobile apps on the iOS platform. Every startup has one most prominent requirement- to launch faster.

That’s the reason why we get this question most frequently- how long does it take to develop an app? For this purpose, they look forward to launching a Most Viable Product (MVP), which they can showcase to the investors and grab funds. When you have a closed OS network, there are fixed libraries and frameworks to build specific functionalities and test them across a limited number of devices.

iOS provides such benefits and hence, iOS app development is faster. iOS app development becomes even faster when you choose the right development partner who has in-depth experience and expertise in building powerful MVPs.

11. Lessens App Development Cost

Lessens App Development Cost

Most businesses have this concern about how much it takes to develop an app. And, you would be surprised to know that the development cost is lower compared to Android app development.

Unlike iOS, Android has too many frameworks, libraries, and other development methods to choose from. iOS only uses the Swift programming language, and it has fixed sources to be used to develop an iOS app. Also, due to the smaller number of iOS devices, the iOS app development company requires less number of hours to test the app.

Hence, the cost of iOS app development is reduced to a great extent. Choosing the right custom mobile app development company for Developing an iOS app needs a well-researched plan to ensure that it wins customers because once a user loves your app, he/she never leaves your app. Hence, it becomes very important to choose the right iOS app development company.

What Is Important When Choosing a iOS Development Company as Partner?

When choosing an iOS development company as a partner, it’s important to consider their popularity and reputation in the market. Look at their portfolio and client testimonials to assess their expertise and quality of work. Ensure their values align with your business goals and that they can provide a cost-effective solution within your budget.

How to choose the right iOS Development Company?

It is crucial to find the right iOS app development services provider. Hence, we have come up with a step-by-step guide to choose the best one-

1. Check out its popularity

The first step to choosing the right iOS app development company is to see how popular the company is. Find out if they’ve won some awards or they might have been in the news, and more. If you’re looking to choose one of the well-known app development companies, here are the world’s top 50 mobile app development companies curated by SoftwareWorld to choose from.

2. Analyze their portfolio

The next step is to see what kind of applications they’ve built. Without having a look at their portfolio, it would be difficult to conclude whether the company can help you build a successful app or not.

3. Check out their testimonials

Another important step to finding the right iOS development company is to see what their clients say about their work. This works wonders when you’re looking to build some MVP or enterprise apps.

4. See how they provide value to their customers

Before you invest in developing your iOS apps, you need to see how good they are to their customers. For that, you need to research their website, blog and social media channels to see how much knowledge, experience, and expertise they share with their customers.

5. Match with your budget

One of the most important aspects is to see whether the iOS app development company you are looking to finalize fits your budget or not. Usually, there is no fixed cost attached to the iOS app development, and hence, you can consider a little up and down from the budget you finalize. But, make sure you don’t miss out on a company that has done the best work in iOS development. After all, your decision to choose the development company will decide the fate of your business.

Conclusion on iOS App Development

iOS App Development

iOS App Development is an effective way to bolster business performance. It allows businesses to access a wide range of users, as well as create custom apps that are tailored to their specific needs. By leveraging the power of iOS devices, businesses can gain access to high-quality user experience and innovative features for their applications.

Furthermore, app developers can utilize Apple’s powerful hardware capabilities and develop apps that have a larger reach and greater impact. Ultimately, iOS App Development is an effective way to enhance business performance and drive success in the modern digital market.

Mobile app development is a cost-effective way to provide customers with a modern and convenient experience. By developing an application for the Apple App Store, businesses can benefit from the millions of users that already use iOS devices. Additionally, Apple’s strict guidelines ensure that apps are secure and reliable for customers. This can help businesses establish trust with their users, as well as encourage customer loyalty.


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