Ecommerce Advertising: The Beginner’s Guide To Paid Media


As many people continue to shop online, eCommerce marketers have set out to find the best marketing strategy for marketing. One of the most successful strategies in marketing is paid ads through the media. eCommerce platforms pay companies like Google to run ads for them. With paid media methods of eCommerce advertising, they get more traffic, and their brand will get known, boosting their sales.

Today, we will guide you on how you could get started with eCommerce advertising and paid media. 

So, What Is Ecommerce Advertising?

When we talk of eCommerce advertising, we mean the act of broadcasting a product or service to target customers through paid media. Ecommerce advertising is a method of marketing that deals with promoting eCommerce products both online and offline.

Different publishers will charge different rates to display your ads to their users. For instance, an ad publisher like Google will charge you according to the number of people that view your ad. On the other hand, a publisher like Facebook will charge you according to the number of people that will click your ad.

Now, let’s see the comparison between paid ads as opposed to organic traffic.


Paid Ads Against Organic Traffic in Ecommerce Advertising

Sometimes you might ask yourself why you should pay while you could generate organic traffic for free to your website? The answer is simple, money talks. While your website might be ranking high in the keyword search engine, a company that pays to be rated will always appear at the top.

Potential clients who urge you to purchase something fast always end up clicking on what is on top. It means you will lose customers to those willing to pay. Therefore, considering paid ads might help you save your business. Keeping that in mind, let’s also discuss the contrast between paid ads and organic social media.

Paid Ads Against Organic Social Media in Ecommerce Advertising

Organic search on social media is increasing one day after another. Paid adverts are actively replacing it. The problem is that people produce much new content in a single day besides what you have to offer. Also, many eCommerce businesses spend money to pay advertisers to see more traffic coming to their websites. 

It clearly shows that despite having a good marketing strategy, you might still not get as much traffic as expected. That is why video ads are essential for the success of your eCommerce. It would help if you considered using a video ad maker to make a nice and attractive advert. With that good explanation, they’re things you should consider before you get into paid adverts.

Before You Proceed With Paid Media

Now that you know why paid media is a powerful marketing strategy, you are not yet ready to start using it. Here is what you should know before spending money on paid ads:

  • Identify The Prospects You Are Targeting

To start with paid advertisements, you need to identify your target customers and which online channels they use.

Knowing your audience will help you design a structure for approaching them. You can use an ad maker to help you make a video that is the most appropriate for your audience.

  • Realize The Stages Of Your Customers In Buying Goods.

You need to know that your prospects don’t end up with your product immediately after coming across your video ad. Moreover, there might be so many people who are still unaware that your product is on the market. Therefore creating different ads to market your products is a wise choice.

Targeting different prospects with different ads based on the identical product will help you manage your customers well. Having that in mind, we shall now look at the classifications of online advertising. 

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Types of Online Advertising Available For Ecommerce

There are several ads that you can pay for today. Some of which have a better influence than others. Here, we have compiled for you the different types of ads you could use :

  1. Search Ads

Search ads work very effectively in bringing new prospects to your business website as a part of ecommerce marketing. By running search ads, you could easily beat other successful companies.

In most cases, this advertising channel is for prospects with a higher appetite to buy your products. Google usually adds a tag to show people that this is an ad.

With this type of ad, your sales will skyrocket fast since the traffic generated to your store will be high.

To make search ads work efficiently, you need to have a copy that will grab attention. You could make use of the tips below to make a copy:

  • Find the perfect vital words
  • Make a precise Call To Action
  • Add proper extensions
  • Make up your landing page.

Remember, a good composition will drive plenty of traffic to your store.

  1. Display ads

Display ads are also an excellent ecommerc marketing way to drive your store traffic since they can appear on other web pages.

You could use tactical ad placement to give your eCommerce business good exposure.

To get started with display ads, try the tips below:

  • Recognize your target audience
  • Remove all unnecessary ad placement

Display ads are cheap compared to other types of ads and are usable by any eCommerce.

  1. Google Shopping Ads

Google shopping ads are best for those who are looking into skyrocketing the sale of their products.

The ads will only be displayed when a prospect enters a keyword in the search box. These ads are slightly different from other ecommerce advertising, but Google has a way to make them reach the desired options.

These are how you could improve your shopping ads:

  • Maximize your product feedback
  • Make use of high-res photos
  • Attach negative keywords
  1. Facebook Ads

Facebook has over two billion users, so advertising here is a massive opportunity for your store to grow.

With Facebook, there are a variety of ways you could advertise. You could use photo ads or also video ads.

You could make an exciting video using a video ad maker. Once you have your ad video, you could give it to Facebook, and they will show it to your prospects.

By now, we know that you know what eCommerce advertising is.


Ecommerce advertising is the new way for many businesses to attract prospects and increase their sales. With paid media, your ads could rank well in search engines, and Moreso appears at the top even if they do not meet requirements.

There are different types of ads that eCommerce marketing techniques could use. They should choose the ones that work best for them. Even if you have other marketing strategies that could help you rank high in search engines, it is essential to consider paid ads for your store.

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