What is a Functional Organizational Structure? – projectcubicle

Functional Organizational Structure Advantages Disadvantages infographic

Advantages and Disadvantages of Functional Organizational Structure In today’s aggressive business environment, company’s must be more efficient, flexible, and innovative than before in order to obtain a competitive advantage in the market. It is obvious that a number of factors … Read more

Matrix Organizational Structure in Project Management – projectcubicle

Advantages Disadvantages Matrix Organizational Structure

In order to conduct organizational activities and manage projects in an orderly manner, organizations are established in various structures. Likewise organizations, projects involve many tasks from human resources management to budgeting and scheduling activities. Therefore a weak or rigid organizational … Read more

Conflict Management Techniques in Project Management – projectcubicle

Conflict Management Techniques in the workplace Conflict Resolution Techniques

What are the Conflict Management Techniques in the Workplace? In this article, we will discuss conflict management techniques in the workplace and their importance for successful project management. Conflicts are integral parts of our daily lives. They may arise when … Read more

What is a Projectized Organizational Structure? – projectcubicle

Projectized Organization Structure advantages and disadvantages infographic

What is a Projectized Organizational Structure? Organizations are formed in different structures such as projectized organizational structure,  matrix organizational structure, functional organizational structure , composite organization, etc. In our previous articles, we have discussed different types of organizations. Unlike other … Read more