Become a Better Global Leader: 3 Essentials

3 Essential Things to Become a Better Global Leader

If your employer has a work-from-anywhere policy, you might have to collaborate with colleagues around the world in countries you’ve never visited, with people you’ve never met, and listening to accents you’ve never heard before. Over my 20-year career, I’ve … Read more

Building Recruitment Agency: Tips for Leaders

Building a Recruitment Agency Tips for Budding Agency Leaders-min

The US is dealing with massive staffing shortages across the board, and if your goal is to start a recruitment agency, you have probably chosen the absolute best time to do so. It is a rather low-maintenance business and one … Read more

5 Ways To Become A Better Executive In 2022

5 Ways To Become A Better Executive-min

An executive is someone who has a managerial responsibility in an organization. They are in charge of decision-making, planning, directing, and controlling the company. These people hold high positions in the corporate hierarchy, and they oversee numerous people. They should also … Read more

New HR Technologies Top HR Technology Trends in 2022

New HR Technologies Top HR Technology Trends in 2022

New HR Technologies and Top HR Technology Trends in 2022. Companies started to meet with digital payment systems. Payroll will be history. A.I will be more effective. What awaits the HR world? New HR Technologies:  Excited Times.  According to industry … Read more

Individual Development Plan Examples & Template for Managers

Individual Development Plan

What do you think about the importance of creating individual development plan for leaders, managers and even employees? In this article we will discuss individual development plan (IDP) in deep with examples and provide you a template to help you … Read more