What is Lean Six Sigma Methodology?

What is Lean Six Sigma ? Lean six sigma principles, methodology

If you want to learn the key concepts of process improvement, you are in the right place. Ensuring high quality and improving customer satisfaction is often difficult for the companies. Therefore companies and organizations are looking for the ways of … Read more

Six Sigma Methodology and Core Principles

Six Sigma Methodology DMAIC DMADV Six Sigma Principles infographic

Six Sigma is a powerful problem solving and process improvement tool which is developed by a quality assurance engineer Bill Smith at Motorola in 1986. Then it was registered in 1993 as a trademark of Motorola. The CEO of General … Read more

Analyzing Data Dynamics: Control Chart versus Run Chart

Control Chart versus Run Chart in Quality Control infographic

If you are preparing for the PMP Certification exam, most probably you asked the following questions yourself – What are the similarities and differences between control and run charts? and Why are they so important for process control? Basically, Control … Read more