Team Responsibilities in Project Change Management Process

Team Responsibilities in Project Change Management Process

A change is described as any deviation from the baseline documents and underlying assumptions that impact the project’s scope, cost, or schedule. This guideline will define the change management process; the method and obligation relating to the identification, documentation, review, … Read more

Stages of Change Approval Process in Project Management

Stages of Change Approval Process in Project Management

The “Project” will have a well-defined scope and varied responsibilities between contracting parties, subject to various types of contract conditions, linked to an aggressive schedule and tightly controlled budgets. This demands a rapid and structured process to deal with change … Read more

Change Management Steps and Process

Change Management Process Recommended Practice-min

A project’s success depends on various processes. Change management is an important aspect of a project because change is inevitable. Adapting to changes successfully will directly affect the project scope, project schedule and the project’s overall success. There are certain … Read more

Project Life Cycle Phases in Project Management

Five Project Management Life Cycle Phases infographic

The main purpose of a successful project management team is to complete the project on time and budget with meeting the customer’s requirements and the project’s objectives. Typically, every project has a beginning, an execution, and a closing phase and … Read more

Difference Between Project Proposal and Project Charter

project proposal vs project charter

Project Proposal and Project Charter are two different documents and their purposes are different as well. Both proposal and charter are crucial project documents that outline very different concepts within a project. However, many PMP aspirants mix up them because … Read more

Project Scope Management : A Short Guide

project scope statement and the importance of project scope management processes and techniques in project management infographic

The objective of Project Scope Statement is to define and manage the project’s deliverables correctly. Scope management methods and techniques guide project managers to specify and perform the activities to complete the project. Determining the borders of the work is … Read more

Project Management Processes and Knowledge Areas

Project Management Processes Process Groups and Knowledge Areas

PMP aspirants usually ask these common questions while preparing for the PMP Certification Exam: What are the project management processes? What are the project management knowledge areas? Why do we need these project management process groups and knowledge areas? They … Read more