Individual Development Plan Examples & Template for Managers

What is the individual development plan (IDP)? What do you think about the importance of creating individual development plan for leaders, managers and even employees? In this article we will discuss individual development plan (IDP) in deep with examples and provide you a template to help you to create your own. An individual development plan (IDP) is a tool that […]

What Does a General Manager Do?Job Description&Salary

What Is the Role & Job Description of General Managers? A general manager, GM, in other words, has broad, general responsibility for a business or business unit within a greater organization. In large-scale organizations he is the one who is planning, coordinating, and taking the roles of producer and marketer. The general manager may also be called the person who […]

Human Resources Specialist Job Description & Salary

Human Resources Specialist Job Description & Salary Human Resources Specialist is a degree given to an individual who is a skilled recruiter and dismissal in the department of human resources. Human Resources Specialists job description includes dealing with all departments from training company employees to carrying out activities to increase their motivation are human resources experts. They often referred to […]



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