PMP or PRINCE2 , Which Certification is Better ?


Professionals in the project management field usually wonder about the steps required to become a certified project manager. They choose  PMP or PRINCE2   or both certifications for their  business fields. Both PMP and PRINCE2 certifications validate a professional’s education and experience in the project management. But which certification is more applicable to your business field ? In this article we will try to give a satisfactory answer to this question.


Although both PMP and PRINCE2 certifications serve the same purpose, there are some differences. Both of them recommend systems and approaches for managing projects successfully. The choice should be based on the industry, organization and the type of the project.

The (PMP) Project Management Professional Certification

The PMP certification , administered by the Project Management Institute (PMI), is a globally acknowledged professional certification that confirms a professional’s knowledge and experience in project management. Project managers in many industries have PMP certification. PMP certification provides a wide spectrum of practices and principles for the project management field.


The (PRINCE2) Projects IN Controlled Environments Certification

The PRINCE2 certification administered by the APMG in UK. PRINCE2 is a widely adopted project management method used by many industries. PRINCE2 provides basic principles, themes and processes to meet the project management requirements.


Industry Needs

Some industries prefer PRINCE2 certified project managers, others prefer PMP certified ones. Each certification is in higher demand in some countries and regions. If you are working in UK, Australia and Europe you can prefer PRINCE2. In the same way if you are working in the USA, Kanada and Middle East, you can prefer PMP. In some regions like Asia, Africa and Middle East you can prefer both of the certifications are popular.

Differences Between PMP and PRINCE2

– The PRINCE2 provides a methodology to complete to perform and complete the project. Conversely the PMP provides techniques tools and frameworks to perform and complete the project.

– PMBOK Guide is the reference book of PMP, PRINCE2 Manual is the reference book of PRINCE2. Their contents and principles are different.

– The PRINCE2 has 3 qualification levels.
1. PRINCE2 Foundation
2. PRINCE2 Practitioner
3. PRINCE2 Re-Registration

– PRINCE2 and PMP eligibility requirements are different.

– PRINCE2 and PMP examination formats are diffent. Exam duration, number of questions, passing percentages are different

– 60 Professional Development Units are needed every three years to maintain the PMP certification. On the other hand, candidates do not need to renew their PRINCE2 certificate. The PRINCE2 Practitioner qualification is valid for 5 years, and to renew it candidates have to pass exam called “PRINCE2 Re-Registration” within 3 to 5 years.


The fundamental difference between PRINCE2 and PMP is their techniques and approach. Both certifications have pros and cons. In UK, Australia and Europe PRINCE2 is more popular than PMP. On the other hand in the USA, Kanada and Middle East PMP is more popular than PRINCE2. Likewise some industries prefer PRINCE2 certified project managers, others prefer PMP certified ones. Choosing PMP or PRINCE2 certifications is based on your region, industry and project requirements.

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