Since 1947 we have carried out extensive research into the information, abilities, attitudes, behaviors, and values of perfect leadership. We use our expertise to perpetually raise standards and to help others develop and grow.   We are the leaders in leadership.

Thought leaders

Our expertise enables us to shape leadership thinking and influence others. We are partners of the prestigious Drucker Forum and often supply comments for high-profile publishers on key leadership and management topics and trends. Inspiring great leadership. Everywhere.


We deliver world-class leadership equipment and resources to help you unlock individual and business potential. The Institute of Leadership & Management is the professional body for leaders, managers, and coaches. Our mission, to inspire great leadership everywhere, has recently taken on a new meaning, many leaders and managers are connected but not together with their teams, presenting new challenges, a fresh perspective on management, and a redefining of leadership.

The values we stand by

  • Authenticity: I behave with integrity and stay true to my values. I inspire trust by acting ethically and by challenging others to do so.
  • Vision: I look ahead, take risks and innovate. I am courageous and ready to face the future.
  • Ownership: I’m responsible, use my initiative, am decisive, abstain from blame, critically reflect on my role, and am always learning.
  • Achievement: I’m clear about my purpose and targets. I’ll stretch myself and others. I’m adaptable and work for long-term impact.
  • Collaboration: I seek to work effectively with others and to be easy to work with. I’m socially sensitive and embrace differences.