Nestled in the hills overlooking the San Francisco Bay, Kensington Hilltop Elementary School is a public K-6 school for Kensington and its surrounding communities.  High academic standards along with a reputation for kindness and respect set the tone for approximately 560 students and their families each year.  Kensington Hilltop School (KHS) is noted for its strong parent support.  KHS has several active parent groups that dedicate hundreds of hours helping in classrooms, driving on field trips, upgrading our school environment and classrooms, fundraising, and working to pass legislation to supply strong academic programs for all students.  Our parent community raises funds to supply enrichment classes in art, science, computers, vocal and instrumental music, and P.E. Support programs in reading and math are available for those students who need additional assistance.  Our academic programs are aligned with the California State Standards at all grade levels.  Kensington Hilltop School is a special place for everyone – students, teachers, and parents alike.

Mission Statement

Kensington Hilltop School is a cooperative partnership of students, teachers, staff, and parents, working together to maintain a strong learning environment and a caring school community.  Our school vision is to use this partnership to meet the academic and social wants of all students. As a part of the West Contra Costa Unified School District, our teachers, students, and parents are dedicated to creating a learning environment in which children can acquire an excellent, comprehensive education from kindergarten through grade six. Our ethnic make-up is approximately 6% African-American, 7% Latino/Hispanic, 16% Asian, and 71% White.  Our students speak approximately eight primary languages in addition to English. This rich and blended mix of backgrounds encourages interaction and mutual respect. We are united in a common aim: a distinguished education for all students. We, as a professional staff, believe that all students should progress as far and as fast as their effort and ability allow.  We ask all students to demonstrate their mastery of Reading, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.  We also expose our students to the visual and performing arts, computers, and physical education. All students have equal access to both core curriculum and supplemental programs. This is achieved through a commitment to excellence between the school and the community.  Working together, we use District, State, PTA, Dads’ Club, and Kensington Education Foundation (KEF) funds to meet the program aims set by the professional staff and approved by the School Site Council and KEF every year. Finally, we care deeply for our students and use proven methods to provide a consistent, school-wide environment where they can grow and learn each day.  We encourage the early attainment of problem-solving abilities, conflict-management abilities, and respectful, supportive relationships, as our children learn to meet the challenges of daily living in a school that has high expectations for behavior and academic excellence.