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Introduction to Software Architecture Design

So what is software architecture? The software architecture explains its principal elements, partnerships (structures), and interactions. Architecture and design of software involve a variety of considerations, including business policy, quality features, treating humans, design, and the information technology context. We may separate Software Architecture and Software Architecture Design into two distinct stages. Non-functional decisions are drawn up in architecture and divided by functional criteria. Technical demands are fulfilled in design. Below you can see the software architecture diagram.

software Architecture

This software architecture diagram illustrates factors such as design, business strategy, human dynamics, etc.

Software Architecture

So the exact answer for the question of what is software architecture is right here. Software Architecture acts as a system blueprint. It provides an abstraction for managing the functionality of the system and provides collaboration and synchronization between components. It describes a formal approach to satisfy both technological and organizational demands and optimizes common qualitative characteristics including efficiency and safety. Furthermore, it includes a number of important software organizational choices, each of which can have major effects on the quality, maintenance, and efficiency of a finished product as a whole. These decisions include the followings;

  • Selection of the structural components and their system interfaces.
  • Competence as shown in these element partnerships.
  • Composition into broad subsystem of these systemic and organizational components.
  • Architectural choices aligned with corporate goals.
  • The company is driven by architectural designs.

Software Design

Software design and Software Architecture Design include a design strategy describing the systems components, their suitability, and their collaboration in order to meet the system demands.

The aims of a concept strategy are as follows;

  • To discuss device specifications and set consumers, marketing, and management goals.
  • Direct the implementing activities, including comprehensive planning, coding, deployment, and checking
  • Production as a blueprint throughout the process.

The review of the criteria and the analysis of risks was carried out before detail, coding, integration, and checking.

Objectives of Software Architecture

The primary aim of the software architecture is to define specifications that influence the application structure. A well-established architecture eliminates the corporate burden of building a technical solution and bridges enterprise and technological demands. Another goal can be found as follows;

  • Expose the framework configuration of the software system but conceal the particulars of its execution.
  • Make every situation and every possibility possible.
  • Try to meet the different stakeholders’ specifications.
  • Taking into account both technical and consistency standards.
  • To reduce ownership objectives and to boost the marketplace of the company.
  • Enhance the system’s efficiency and reliability.
  • Enhance external trust in either the mechanism or the agency.


Software Architecture Design remains an evolving discipline. It has the following restrictions;

  • Lack of architecture resources and systematic forms.
  • Methods of research to forecast the architecture’s performance that satisfies the criteria.
  • Failure to recognize the value of software architecture design to software development.
  • Lack of knowledge of the position of the software architect and lack of stakeholder contact.
  • Lack of design process awareness, design practice, and design assessment.

Role of Software Architect

The main factor of what is software architecture is of course a software architect. A Software Architect offers a solution for the whole program that the technical team will develop and build.

In the following fields, a software architect should be a specialist.

Design Expertise

  • Software architecture expert, covering different techniques and processes, including object-based design, event-driven design, and so on.
  • Lead the development team and direct the design integrity development activities.
  • Such plans should be able to be revised and mutually agreed upon.

Domain Expertise

  • Development expert on the framework and software development plans.
  • Assisting, ensuring completeness and continuity in the required investigation process.
  • Coordinate domain model specification for the developing structure.

Technology Expertise

  • Expert on solutions available that assist in the system’s implementation.
  • Coordinate vocabulary, framework, platform, database, etc. programming language.

Methodological Expertise

  • Expert on the techniques for software creation that can be used during SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle).
  • Choose the best planning tactics that will support the whole team.

Hidden Role of Software Architecture

  • Encourages the technical effort of team members and strengthens the team’s confidence bond.
  • Information specialists with extensive expertise and understanding.
  • Defend team members from external influences that disrupt them and make the project less valuable.

Deliverables of the Software Architecture

  • A simple and full collection of functional objectives, coherent and achievable
  • A working structure outline, with two or more depositional layers
  • A system concept
  • A system-shaped architecture, with at least two decomposed layers
  • Timing notion, operator characteristics, execution schedule, and operational arrangements.
  • A document or procedure that ensures functional decomposition and controls the interface type

Attributes of quality

Quality is an indicator of success or free from shortcomings or weaknesses. Quality characteristics are device characteristics separated from system features. It is easier to distinguish between a good and a poor scheme when enforcing consistency attributes. Overall attributes influence the efficiency, system architecture, and user interface of the system. They can be categorized as follows;

Static Quality Attributes

Represent a framework and organization framework that is closely connected with the architecture, the specification, and the source code. The modular design, probability, maintenance, etc., are invisible to users but impact production and maintenance costs.

Dynamic Quality Attributes

This reflects the performance of the method. They apply directly to system architecture, design, source code, configuration, parameters of deployment, environment, and platform. They are accessible to the end-user and are available during operating time, such as throughput, robustness, scalability, etc.

Scenarios of Quality

Quality scenarios can be categorized into six different parts relying on their certain specifications. Quality scenarios indicate how a loss is prevented. Their characteristical characteristics can be divided into six parts.

  • Source – internal or external entities, such as those generating the stimulation, such as hardware, software, or physical infrastructure.
  • Stimulus – a need to be taken into account as a device comes into play.
  • Environment − Under some environments the stimulus takes place.
  • Artifact − An whole or portion of the device, such as processors, lines of communication, permanent storage, processes, etc.
  • Response − Operation carried out after stimulus arrival (e.g. detection defects, fault recovery, incident source disability, etc.)
  • Response calculation − If the reactions happened should be measured to test the criteria.

Further Reading

[1] Foundations for the Study of Software Architecture


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