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The PRIMAVERA P6 page of the includes articles and blog posts about the PRIMAVERA P6 Software. Read the articles and become a professional PRIMAVERA P6 Planner.


Primavera Work Breakdown Structure (Primavera Tutorial)

Primavera Work Breakdown Structure (Primavera Video Tutorial) Creating a Work Breakdown Structure is one of the first steps of preparing a work schedule in Primavera 6. Once the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)...

Primavera Portfolio Management & EPS (Video Tutorial)

Primavera Portfolio Management & EPS Portfolio management is a popular term in project management which refers to select, prioritise and control of an organisation’s projects. Oracle's Primavera Portfolio Management software supports enterprise decision making...
Three Week Look Ahead

Three Week Look Ahead Schedule in Primavera P6

When a workschedule is created and baseline assigned, planning engineers start to track in order to report the variances. Project managers analyzes performance reports to compare the planned and the actual...
Creating Four Week Look Ahead Schedule in P6 Figure 1

Four Week Look Ahead Schedule in Primavera P6

Four Week Look Ahead Schedule in Primavera P6 Tracking the performance of a work schedule is the next step of preparing it. Generally project managers need performance reports for the actual works and...
Microsoft Project vs Primavera 

Microsoft Project vs Primavera Which One is the Best ?

Project management professionals occasionally ask this famous question: Which one is the best project management software ? Microsoft Project vs PrimaveraTraditional methods of project management are not enough to bring success...
Schedule Baseline and User Baselines in Primavera P6

Schedule Baseline and User Baselines in Primavera P6

Schedule Baseline and User Baselines in Primavera P6 A schedule baseline (also known as baseline schedule) is one of the most important project management document which is created before the project starts....
Primavera P6 Duration Types

Oracle Primavera P6 Duration Types Explained

Oracle Primavera P6 duration types have affects on activity duration, resource and cost distribution when progressing the schedule. Activity durations control the critical path and the comletion date of a project....
Primavera P6 Critical Path Analysis

Critical Path Analysis in Primavera P6

Critical path analysis is one of the most important concepts in scheduling. It demonstrates the duration and the finish date of the schedule. According to The Project Management Body of Knowledge...
Primavera P6 Cost Loading

Oracle Primavera P6 Cost Loading Explained

Cost loading and resource loading terms are widely used in project planning. Project managers need resource and cost loaded work schedules to make realistic assumptions and forecasts for their project's targets....
Primavera P6 Resource Curves

Primavera P6 Resource Curves Explained

Resource curves are used to model the resource or cost loading of an activity within the schedule. Resource curves can be linear, back loaded, front loaded, trapezoidal, triangular etc. If you...