Schedule Compression – Fast Tracking vs Crashing

Schedule Compression Fast Tracking Vs Crashing

Fast Tracking and Crashing are schedule compression techniques which are applied during develop schedule process to shorten an already developed schedule. The purpose of using schedule compression techniques is to try to compress the schedule (shorten the project duration) without … Read more

Arrow Diagramming Method Example And Solution

Arrow Diagramming MethodĀ Example

Arrow diagramming method (ADM) is a network diagramming technique in which activities are represented by arrows.[1] It is also known as the Activity-On-Arrow (AOA) method. It has been used a long time to determine the critical path and identify resource … Read more

PERT Method – Program Evaluation and Review Technique Example & Definition

Pert Method

Project managers often use graphical representation tools to understand their projects’ performance. CPM, Gantt, and PERT Charts are used to demonstrate workflow and sequence of activities. Although both scheduling tools serve the same purpose, they are different from each other. … Read more