Kickoff Meeting : Start Your Project!

Internal and External Project Kickoff Meeting Agenda infographic

A project kickoff meeting is one of the most critical meetings which provides an chance for project teams and stakeholders to set common objectives and start their projects properly. It is an essential tool for communication that can help to … Read more

Project Communication Plan Template Example & Steps

Project Communication Plan Template Example & Creation Steps infographic

Project teams are obligated to handle many different tasks every day such as planning resources, managing risks, removing obstacles, and communicating with stakeholders. Effective communication is one of the most important skills of a project manager who is willing to … Read more

Project Status Report Template Example & Steps

project status report template 1

A project status report demonstrates the current status of a project by comparing its planned progress. It is a communication tool widely used by project managers and team members to inform the stakeholders regarding the schedule, cost, risk, and quality … Read more

Project Management Reporting : A Short Guide

project management reporting tools, methods, types of reports in project management reporting and communication infographic

Project management reporting and effective communication play a vital role in the success of any project. Team members, stakeholders, project managers, and even board members create reports regarding important issues. There are several reporting tools and methods in project management … Read more

Communication Methods Interactive vs Push vs Pull

Communication Methods Interactive vs Push vs Pull Communication infographic

Communication is an invaluable skill for project managers that plays a key role in project management. Creating good communication channels with stakeholders improves the project’s likelihood of success. On the other hand lack of communication is the root cause of … Read more

Types of Organizational Structures

Types of Organizational Structures What are the 4 Types of Organizational Structures ?

Which one is the best organizational structure? Actually, it is difficult to answer this question. Because there are many factors affect the success of organizations and projects. Selecting the most profitable project alternative, having a well-defined mission, possessing an innovative … Read more