Best Practices of Schedule Management

Best Practices Of Schedule Management-Min

In the early years of my career, I used to report to a Project Manager. He was very particular about holding project team weekly meetings. During these meetings, we were asked many questions related to project schedule tracking. The questions … Read more

Move a Business Without Losing Productivity

How To Move A Business Without Losing Productivity 1-Min

Unlike before, it is common for businesses and companies to change physical office locations nowadays. Whether you have saved enough to purchase an office building, your lease expires, or you’ve found a better office that accommodates your expanding business, the … Read more

Why Should You Hire A Virtual Assistant?

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A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a self-employed professional who works remotely from any place, including his home. Businesses have a flexible option other than hiring a full-time PA in the form of Virtual Assistants. Businesses generally hire Virtual Assistants on … Read more

How to Use Multi-touch Outreach to Increase Customer Contact


A company’s sales outreach plan is the method they devise for contacting prospective consumers, referrals, and even past clients to persuade them to purchase something. Businesses may conduct this through the phone, social media, email, or any other form of … Read more